Marvel Double Action #1 review

Holy Hannah, it’s back to the Seventies for this entry in the current Heroes Reborn event. This pastiche reprint comic – think Marvel Triple Action – ‘represents’ the tragic day Sam Wilson died. Yes, in this world without a Spider-Man it’s not Gwen Stacey, but the Falcon who dies due to the diabolical dealings of […]

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Heroes Reborn #3 review

When a speedster is done with the fast work, it’s time to relax – not that Blur necessarily knows what time it is. Stanley Stewart is the World’s Fastest Mortal, and speed isn’t the only trick up his Spandex sleeve – he knows magic too! What a shame his latest foe has the same mix. […]

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Heroes Reborn #1 review

It’s just another day in the neighbourhood and Robbie Reyes is a man on a mission. On a bike. Wot, no flaming muscle car? The figure watching him takes this as confirmation that this isn’t the reality he knows. Blade the Vampire Slayer finds himself on a world with no vampires. And that’s not the […]

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Captain Marvel #27 review

It’s the morning after the dystopia before. Carol Danvers is back from a dark 2052 where she had a major victory, but failed to save as many people as she would wish. A personal loss was her relationship with James Rhodes and now, 12 days on, Captain Marvel just wants to hide away from the […]

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Power Pack #1 review

Power Pack are back! Katie, Jack, Julie and Alex are together for the first time in years in a five-issue mini-series tying in to the Outlawed event. As best as I can tell, that’s Civil War for Marvel’s younger set, and while I couldn’t resist grabbing a new Power Pack book, my lack of enthusiasm […]

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Fantastic Four #25 review

Since at least Jim Shooter’s tenure as Editor-in-chief in the Seventies, Marvel Comics has been built on the illusion of change. A shocking romance here, a change of identity there, the destruction of the Savage Land, No More Mutants… pretty much everything gets reversed, but it’s often fun while it lasts. There’s one corner of […]

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Iron Man #1 review

That’s ‘Iron Man’. No ‘Invincible’, ‘International’ or ‘Infamous’. Really, Iron Man needs an adjective. On the basic of this issue, I suggest ‘The Understated Iron Man’… The cover promises a big slugfest with his greatest foes, but inside, all we get are two pages of Terrax the Tamer that may as well be marked ‘obligatory […]

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Fantastic 4: Antithesis #1 review

‘A new story from a classic era’ is how Marvel describes this four-issue mini-series and based on the first instalment, this could prove a classic itself. So far as meeting the criteria of the quote goes, ‘new’ it most certainly is, and as for ‘classic era’, that’s fair – the costumes and presence of toddler […]

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Marvels Snapshots: Sub-Mariner #1

The Big One is over and the heroes of World War Two have come home. But they’ve paid the price for victory, cop Betty Dean’s brothers among them. After a spat with Lloyd over his drinking, Betty takes her friend Namor, the Sub-Mariner, to Palisades Park. He’s just back from Europe and she’s determined to […]

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