Marauders #1 review

Kate Pryde is assembling a new team to rescue mutants and give them sanctuary on Krakoa. So far she has Bishop, Tempo, Somnus, Aurora, Psylocke, and Daken, now she needs a telepath. Her choice is a surprise. Cassandra Nova, kindasorta twin of Charles Xavier, murderer of millions and Norman Bates tribute act. Elsewhere, Daken, Aurora […]

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The Immortal X-Men #1 review

Our host for the latest X-book of the Krakoan era is Mr Sinister, that maddest of mad scientists. At the beginning of this debut chapter he’s in 1919, immediately after the Great War has ended. In Paris, Nathan Essex, the man who will eventually go by Mr Sinister, has a rendezvous with Irene Adler, the […]

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She-Hulk #2 review

The first issue of this mini-series was really rather good, and it ended with Jen Walters’ former Avengers teammate Jack of Hearts turning up at her apartment. Last time She-Hulk saw him he’d just been killed… This time Jack tells Jen he left the Avengers because he feared his tendency to absorb her gamma radiation […]

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Strange #1 review

Stephen Strange is dead and his estranged wife Clea is back from the Dark Dimension to ensure ‘ours’ has a Sorcerer Supreme. One man, though, doesn’t believe the position was in Dr Strange’s gift. Dr Doom doesn’t take well to Clea’s refusal to give up her seals of office. He underestimates her. Stephen Strange was […]

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Timeless #1 review

Kang’s having a bit of a moment. The Marvel madman recently stepped beyond his status as Avengers headache to headline his own mini-series. And now he’s starring in an extra-sized book teasing new Marvel Universe stories for 2022. I say ‘teasing’ rather than ‘previewing’ because Marvel has produced similar books in the past, and they […]

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Amazing Spider-Man #75 review

I do like to try a bold new Spider-Man direction. This one comes after the end of the Kindred story, which went on for about 12 years and finally finished last month in a confusing comic that was, as we say in Scotland, mince. Time for a palate cleanser. The latest storyline is called Beyond, […]

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Fantastic Four #35 review

I love a good anniversary issue. Anyway, Fantastic Four #35 – ‘legacy number’ #680 – came out this week, later than planned. Which is ironic, as a tale featuring time travelling villain Kang the Conqueror should always make the deadline. Written to mark the 60th anniversary of Fantastic Four #1, it involves a competition organised […]

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Marvel Double Action #1 review

Holy Hannah, it’s back to the Seventies for this entry in the current Heroes Reborn event. This pastiche reprint comic – think Marvel Triple Action – ‘represents’ the tragic day Sam Wilson died. Yes, in this world without a Spider-Man it’s not Gwen Stacey, but the Falcon who dies due to the diabolical dealings of […]

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Heroes Reborn #3 review

When a speedster is done with the fast work, it’s time to relax – not that Blur necessarily knows what time it is. Stanley Stewart is the World’s Fastest Mortal, and speed isn’t the only trick up his Spandex sleeve – he knows magic too! What a shame his latest foe has the same mix. […]

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