This is a historic issue. A big moment in DC Universe history . . .

. . . Zinda wears pants.

It’s wrong, I tell you – Lady Blackhawk’s is one of the best-looking outfits in comicdom and has been since the Silver Age. How can you beat a black leather flying jacket and mini skirt? You can’t. Sure, it’s impractical, in terms of heat and modesty, but the new trews are leather too. She’s gonna be even hotter. Though less hot.

Other stuff. Oh yeah, this issue is a tie-in to Final Crisis. Sure, it doesn’t say so, it says THE DARK SIDE CLUB above the logo, but that ties into Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers. And we know that’s tying into FC. Said club pits drugged super-folk against one another, something we’ve seen about three times in DC mags in the last few years. It’s getting tired. That said, the idea was used well here, as a seperately kidnapped Misfit and Black Alice are pitted against another in the arena. Black Alice – Lori – isn’t keen on Misfit – Charlie – at the best of times, and here the anger is vent. It’s not helped by a little revelation to Lori that is way too convenient. On the one hand, it might explain a thing or two; on the other, it’s a tad soapy (or Shakespearean, depending on how you look at it). But it does make for a bittersweet ending, and set up future plotlines.

The Dark Siders I’m not so keen on. As it’s the same folk we had in Grant’s Mr Miracle mini series, basically urban avatars for the Apokoliptian gods’ powers and personalities. Darkseid is a big bald gangster, Granny Goodness a roller derby coach tupe, Bernadeth runs a chem lab and so on. It’s entertaining enough, but I’m rather Darkseided out at this point. The New Gods have been overexposed in the DCU over the past few years, and I can’t see Newer Gods making me any happier if it’s basically the same bunch but more ‘street’.

Tony Bedard’s script was a cracker, with a nice linear narrative line, while penciller Nicola Scott and inker Doug Hazlewood just get better and better as a team. In all, a very fine example of a done-in-one tying into a bigger picture. Terrific stuff.

Well, apart from Zinda’s pants.

One thought on “BIRDS OF PREY 118

  1. But did you notice that at the end of the story, when they were checking out what was left of the Dark Side club, that she was wearing her skirt again? Not sure what was up with the pants, though. And you are right. Zinda should always be in the skirt.


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