Legion of Super-Heroes 41


This just gets better by the issue. Jim Shooter continues his run on scripting duties – or rather, pleasures, he’s obviously enjoying himself – while new artist Francis Manapul shows up for the cover before letting former Ms Marvel and upcoming Wonder Woman artist Aaron Lopresti strut his fill-in stuff.

And together, they give us a wonderful comic, dense with story, rich in characterisation and lovely to look at.

The book opens with the continuation of the ‘Projectra’s a brat’ subplot, with Saturn Girl and Timber Wolf proving better friends than she deserves (though there is a hint she’s having second thoughts about nabbing the trinket after saving a jewellers). Then we get to the main storyline, Brainiac’s desire to snoop on an autopsy of one of the mysterious alien destroyers, which he does, with a clever linkage of Invisible Kid and Saturn Girl. Subplots include the apparent betrayal of the Legion by recent wannabe M’rissey, more support from Saturn Girl’s mother and the wonderful, charming Chameleon feeling left out.

There are lots of nice character moments, including Imra surprising me during an off-duty scene with Garth, Ayla worrying too much and the formation of the pre-approved Legion rejects of a few issues back into a new team.

Shooter’s dialogue just gets better (“They think I’m a foob. Oh, when they need something,it’s ‘Cham, can you help us . . .’ Otherwise they ignore me. I might as well be furniture. I CAN change into a really lovely settee, but that’s beside the point . .. ‘) while Lopresti – aided by inker Matt Ryan and the lovely colours of Jo Smith, earns his Legion wings . . .

. . . or maybe that should be Flight Ring, as seen in a great surprise three-page bonus feature with art by Sanford Greene (it doesn’t steal story pages, the comic is the usual price) that reveals fascinating fun facts about the Legion’s cool tool.

I know Geoff Johns’ adult Silver Age Legion is getting all the good notices, but this is truly good stuff.

One thought on “Legion of Super-Heroes 41

  1. I hate that Shooter is already leaving. Especially when he talked about how this was a 16-part story. Not to mention the fact that the Legion was just finally getting interesting for the first time since the last reboot!


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