Action Comics #1018 review

Today, the Legion of Doom is trouncing Superman and his Justice League partners. Earlier, Metropolis fire chief Melody Moore has news for Clark Kent. Six months ago, dogged young reporter Robinson Goode has a run-in with shady scientists from Star Labs. In order of interest, I’d say the origin of Red Cloud is most compelling, […]

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Action Comics #1017 review

It’s the Year of the Villain and Metropolis is being razed by Lex Luthor and his Legion of Doom. The Justice League and their allies are being crushed by the forces of Doom. But how did we get to this place of Doom? Flashback one day, and Clark Kent is interviewing Marisol Leone, who has […]

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Supergirl #36 review

If you can’t say something nice… Well, yes, but I review this comic much every month and skipping an issue because I didn’t enjoy it is basically me saying, don’t bother. Maybe I can lean into that other saying, accentuate the positive? So, the story. Supergirl has been infected with nanobots by a Brainiac drone. […]

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Aquaman Annual #2 review

Sometimes annuals are set up as unmissable stories – done-in-ones debuting a new villain, or bombastic conclusions to long-running storylines. Aquaman Annual #2 is neither. It’s a small-scale tale with big moments and a good old-fashioned – but far from inessential – moral. Lex Luthor’s Legion of Doom signal hangs in the sky, inviting people […]

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Supergirl #35 review

In the Fortress of Solitude, a Brainiac drone who dreams of being a real boy/killer android has deduced that he requires a Kryptonian to complete his evolution. And he doesn’t need any nosy service robots getting in the way.  Supergirl has returned to Earth after her space odyssey to find foster mother Eliza apparently killed […]

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Action Comics #1014 review

Some people read Action Comics and dream of being Superman, high-flying hero of millions. Me, I want to be ageing newsman Perry White. This week, anyway, as he finally meets the new owner of the Daily Planet. An actual increase in the editorial budget? That never happens in this age of abandoned print editions and […]

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Justice League #25 review

It’s the 25th issue of the current Justice League book, complete with shiny new logo, and it’s feels like the 400th. The Source Wall is still broken, the threat of Perpetua yet looms, Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom are once more up to all kinds of shenanigans and, frankly, it’s rather exhausting. Which […]

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