Action Comics #44 review

The battle for Clark Kent’s neighbourhood continues, with the Mayor revealed as the force behind the shadow demons plaguing our hero. Her influence extends, taking over some of the ordinary people who have been standing behind Superman, causing them to turn on their fellows. But when the inky darkness hits Superman’s new firefighter friend Lee, […]

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Batman/Superman #23 review

I do love Superman and monsters. It rarely fails to make me happy. In a nice diversion from the general gloom of the Truth sequence in the Superman books, writer Greg Pak gives us a nice side story in which the stakes are stacked, but the fun is foremost.  Ukur, the Beastmaster of Subterranea – […]

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Action Comics #43 review

The continuation of the Hard Truth storyline opens with Superman attacking police officer Binghamptom. He’s been provoked by the authorities’ assaults on his neighbours, but it doesn’t look good as Jimmy Olsen captures everything on camera and automatically uploads it online. And then, Binghamptom stands revealed as one of the shadow monsters who have been […]

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Batman/Superman #22 review

Superman is in Gotham on the trail of tech that could kill him. New Batman Jim Gordon wants to arrest the newly outed Clark Kent, insisting that he can’t be trusted. Lucius Fox’s energy research lab has been targeted by tech raiders. And an old enemy of Superman shows up to scratch a grudge.  And […]

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Action Comics #42 review

Last month’s cover proclaimed Truth. This time, it’s Justice, something there’s precious little of as a band of Metropolis police officers target Superman’s neighbourhood. The first half of the issue shows the de-powered hero fighting a massive shadow monster that’s appeared on the streets, using his courage and ingenuity to take down the creature. He […]

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Batman/Superman #21 review

It’s not the best time for Superman to have been outed to the world by Lois Lane. Bad guys want a piece of him, but his power levels are right down. He’s surviving frequent attacks by guys with weird energy weapons, but getting worn down. He assumes Lex Luthor is behind his troubles, but the […]

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Action Comics #41 review

It’s appropriate that Action Comics is the first book I read from the DC You promotion – it’s DC’s oldest surviving title, starring their most famous character.  But Superman is a little different these days. Gone is the blue union suit, replaced by a jeans and tee shirt ensemble. It’s reminiscent of the look seen […]

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Action Comics #40 review

The Ghosts of Smallville storyline was terrific, but after months of high drama to make the soul creep, a fun done-in-one is just what the doctor ordered. And it’s just what we get here, as Superman has his first encounter with the cosmic cube that is the Bizarro World. Dragged there by a mysterious portal, […]

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Action Comics #39 review

The Phantom Zone story climaxes and concludes with Superman and Steel going into the ghostly realm to confront the beast responsible for the physical and psychological horrors that have plagued Smallville. It turns out that the monster has known Clark for a very long time, and may be too much for even a man of […]

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Action Comics #38 review

I’ve read Superman stories stories previously that dipped their toe into the horror waters. There was that time he met Dracula and Frankenstein’s Monster. The business with Batman and vampires. A ghost at the Tower of London. But this, this is something different. It’s proper nailbiting, disturbing horror as the ‘Smallvillains’ storyline continues with Superman […]

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