Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #7 review

We begin at the end. The end of the world – an alternate Earth where a pair of scientists save their son by sending him away in a rocketship. Arriving on the main DCU Earth, it causes a panic in the sky

Really though, this is a job for Superman. The Man of Steel grabs the rocket and delivers its occupant safely to the ground.

David tells the three World’s Finest Heroes that his world, his parents, have died, his upset triggering a terrifying transformation.

Help comes in the form of Kandorian scientist Professor Kim-Da.

The boffin whips up a costume.

And then David knows exactly who he wants to look up on this new world. Poor kid…

Writer Mark Waid and artist Dan Mora get their second story arc off to a wonderful start, using the Silver Age trope of Mystery Super Kid (Who is Secretly a Villain or Doomed to Die) as the launchpad for a tale which melds action and emotion to fine effect. There’s humour, camaraderie and the surprise return of a classic JLA villain. Robin is again on great form, his optimistic character contrasting Batman’s just as his costume colours complement those of the Caped Crusader.

I feel for Boy Thunder – presumably named David Sikela after Golden Age Superman artist John Sikela – as he’s subjected to tests by the Kandorian scientist when what he desperately needs is a hug (I suppose he should count himself lucky Superman didn’t send him straight to the nearest orphanage).

Kim-Da is definitely a nod to a scientist who played an important role in the first Kandor story, but is the costume he creates a homage to Nova from World’s Finest #178 (who inspired Supernova in the 52 series)?

Or even Star Boy from the Legion of Super-Heroes.

The three-page opening sequence looks fabulous, but is perhaps a tad long – if you’re going to homage Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s All-Star Superman, a page is all you get. The mention of ‘Hel-Oz’ had me worried for a sec, bringing to mind the appalling Mr Oz business, until I got the ‘Helios’ link – that makes more sense

David looks great under the steady hand of Dan Mora, understandably scared, confused and excited by turns. Batman, Robin and Superman are as fine as we’ve come to expect, while an alternate Gotham looks tremendous, sci-fi centred as opposed to the usual gothic stylings. And wait until you see Mora’s take on the original Teen Titans!

The pages are coloured with care by Tamra Bonvillain, with the alt-Gotham and Batplane sequences especially eye catching. Steve Wands’ letters service the script stylishly, with nice touches such as the Art Nouveau scene change announcements (I suspect it’s Mora who snuck his name into one panel, to amusing effect).

Mora’s cover is something of a headscratcher, being his second upside-down shot in a row. It looks decent, though.

World’s Finest #7 is another rip-roaring ride into the heart of the DC Universe, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. What say you?

7 thoughts on “Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #7 review

  1. I loved it! Surprisingly touching and heartwarming (but I had to laugh at your suggestion that Superman send the kids off to an orphanage! Lol that’s totally on brand for him).
    That’s not just an homage to the Nova costume… it’s pretty much a straight up reproduction of the costume. Let’s call it an updating, shall we?
    Can’t wait to see how Wait handles the teen Teen Titans. Mora’s designs for them are top notch.


      1. I don’t believe so. Nothing is jumping to mind anyway. If anyone can fix up Donna, Waid should be able to. We already know that he’s got Wally on lock. And I bet he’s got a great take on Garth. Looking forward to it.


  2. Great review!

    And thanks for all yhe info – wasn’t on the job enough to research Sikela, Kim-Da, and Hel-Oz.

    I didn’t think of Mr. Oz! But i did think of H’El ! Hopefully we’re both wrong!

    Loving this book!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t know. I think the massive failure of editorial having no plan going forward when New 52 started and the way they hamstrung creatives hurt concepts that might have flourished in better settings. H’el and the New 2 Superboy might flourish better now.

        Liked by 1 person

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