Superman: Son of Kal-El #10 review

While new Superman Jon Kent saves lives in Ireland…

…Lex Luthor holds a press conference…

…and Lois Lane throws down a golden gauntlet.

Later, Jon has news for his Mom…

… and a family friend drops by the suburban Kent home.

From the fantastic cover by illustrator Travis Moore and colour artist Tamra Bonvillain to a final panel that pleases this blog greatly, this is the best issue yet of Superman: Son of Kal-El. Writer Tom Taylor and artist Cian Tormey win my cold, British heart over immediately by having that Dublin-set scene. It’s always refreshing when a superhero book has moments set outside the US. I’m guessing our writer and artist enjoy them too – Taylor is Australian and Tormey hails from the island of Ireland.

Jon’s supporting cast now has several non-American members, the Revolutionaries from Taylor’s Suicide Squad having joined the book as workers for The Truth. Said ‘citizen journalism’ digital outlet is run by Jay Nakamura, also a non-American, coming from the Madeupistan of Gamorra. The Revolutionaries seem unimpressed when Jay gives them the impression that The Truth isn’t covering Luthor’s press conference.

As it turns out, he does have a representative at the event. Lois is reporting for him.. she may also be covering the press conference for her actual employer, but we’re not told how this fits in with her salaried role at the Daily Planet.

So, Lex tries to further Gamorra ruler Henry Bendix’s attempts to blacken Jon’s name, but Lois mucks his plan up. Jon improves his tarnished public image on the Emerald Isle. But the big news this time is our hero coming out to Lois.

I admit, I thought Jon was already out to the family, having introduced Jay to his parents, as well as Ma and Pa Kent, a few issues back, but apparently not. Lois’s positive reaction isn’t at all surprising, and we get a fun exchange with Jon.

It’s great to see our young Superman making a joke, he’s been a tad morose since his battlefield promotion. Let’s have more of This Kind of Thing.

Let’s have less, though, of the climate change threats – it’s only a couple of issues since an unfortunate sea beast headed to Metropolis after their habitat was knackered by global warming. Now we have a ‘weather bomb’. Where have all the colourful supervillains who stalked Metropolis gone? How about some new ones, Jon deserves his own Rogues’ Gallery. Sure, Bendix has a grudge, but he’s pretty dull – he doesn’t even show up this time.

Batman’s entrance is interesting. It’s never crossed my mind that the Caped Crusader’s mysterious arrivals and departures could bamboozle a Superperson. Could he have been cheating all this time, using the JLA teleporter?

I didn’t mention the final page in my initial picture rundown of the issue, but let’s go there. If you’ve not read the book, and intend to, look away now


Go on, scoot!


OK, here’s how the book ends.

What have I been saying in pretty much every review? There’s something about Jay… I’m betting he’s the son of Henry Bendix, and that this pink-haired apple really doesn’t fall far from the bald baddie tree.

Or Taylor is double bluffing those of us who don’t trust the student journalist who so conveniently turned up at the same college as Jon and happens to have super powers and be from Gamorra. For now, I’m with Batman.

Tormey, now a DC exclusive creator, is settling in nicely as the regular artist. The storytelling is sharp and there’s a pleasing reality to the facial expressions. I especially enjoy his steely Lois, and Jon makes a great entrance to the press conference. I wonder if the distinctive Hipster Dad and daughter Cara have counterparts on our Earth?

The colours of Federico Blee – who I know only as a Marvel creator – add a pleasing sheen to proceedings, while Dave Sharpe’s letters are really rather excellent.

All in all, this was a pretty decent comic, and hints that the Rising storyline might be over soon, which would be excellent – let’s see the current baddies get their just desserts, and Jon fly onward and upwards.

6 thoughts on “Superman: Son of Kal-El #10 review

  1. It’s never struck me as plausible that Lois wouldn’t be in constant danger, and I don’t see why the risks are especially higher now, but it’s about time something changed. I don’t know how the Superman Family’s secret identity reveal will be rolled back, but it should be.. Maybe if all the DC mystics got together they could collectively do a spell. (Isn’t magic how Spider-Man recovered his secret identity?)

    It’s always to see Chaos Kitten and her hat that reads “NOPE”. Maybe some day we’ll see more of her skills, or Thylacine’s.

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  2. We have been worried about Jay from the beginning so no surprise her!

    The son of Bendix is a great idea. It would add some contrast between loving Clark/Jon and that relationship for whatever the division.

    My guess is it is a double feint. Being Bendix’ son is a good ‘he must be evil with evil intentions’ fodder until a good nature is ultimately revealed. But I wouldn’t mind him being a bad guy.

    Lovely art. Love the Dublin scene like you.

    I really think Lois is the star in this issue though.

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    1. Yeah, Lois was great, but why does she only get to wear leather jackets these days, is she going shopping with Hal Jordan?

      Were Jay to reveal himself, or be revealed, I’d feel we were safe in our guesses, but as Batman is saying it to him with Jay not there, I’m not so certain know – I think Tom Taylor has been reading our blogs, and done a Monarch on us!


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