Action Comics 1022

What a difference an inker makes. Danny Miki steps in to embellish John Romita Jr’s pencils and all is right with the world. I’ve been a fan of inker Klaus Janson for decades, but for some reason the teaming with regular partner JR Jr on Action Comics hasn’t worked; the characters have looked too blocky, […]

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Event Leviathan #6 review

In September, as the finger of suspicion turned towards Kate Spencer, I wondered if Leviathan was Mark Shaw, one of the heroes to carry the name ‘Manhunter’ before her. Last month, it really seemed as if he was Leviathan, but I suspected we’d get a final twist This finale reveals that Leviathan is, in fact… […]

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Event Leviathan #3 review

In Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, the self-proclaimed ‘world’s greatest detectives’ gather to solve the mystery of Leviathan, the shadowy figure who’s been taking down the planet’s most powerful security and criminal organisations. Some time earlier, Jason Todd, the anti-hero known as the Red Hood, is leaping off a city roof, chased by those same superheroes […]

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Event Leviathan #2 review

Red Hood shows up at the remains of the devastated ARGUS building. Having been raised by Batman, Jason Todd’s detective instincts are buzzing. Batman himself has put together a team of tecs to work out who the perpetrator, Leviathan, is and what they want – is he going to recruit his former Robin? Not so […]

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Action Comics #1012 review

One of the small pleasures of a new issue of Action Comics is guessing whose work station will act a recap page. We’ve had Lois’, Clark’s, Perry’s, Jimmy’s – even new gossip columnist Trish Q’s… surely we’d be at the Daily Planet canteen bulletin board by now? But no, this time we begin with the […]

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Action Comics #1011 review

Boy, this is a packed issue. I’ve just checked the page count to see if it’s extra-sized, but no, it’s the standard-ish 22 sides you get in a $3.99 DC book these days. With a pacy script by Brian Michael Bendis that’s packed with intrigue and character, and sharply naturalistic art courtesy of illustrator Steve […]

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