Podcast Plugtime – A World on Fire talks All-Star Squadron #48-49

One of the best series of the Eighties was All-Star Squadron. Roy and Dann Thomas’s love letter to DC’s Golden Age, it followed the Mystery Men and Women of the Forties from Pearl Harbor onwards as they fought Hitler and co on the Home Front – well, mainly.

One excursion from the United States sees All-Stars Dr Fate, Firebrand, Hourman and Robotman answer a summons from Prime Minister Winston Churchill after legendary British warrior the Shining Knight goes missing.

It’s a great story with a couple of special guest heroes and I have fun talking to host Billy D about these issues on the latest edition of A World on Fire. We’d be delighted if you could find time to join us, and all comments are welcome at aworldonfirepodcast@gmail.com.

Find A World on Fire at your preferred podcatcher, or listen via this link.

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