Podcast Plug-time – A World on Fire talks All-Star Squadron #38-40

A few months ago I was lucky enough to to be asked on to All-Star Squadron podcast A World on Fire, details at this delightfully clickable link. Weirdly, I’ve been invited back on, to chat issues #38-40, a packed three-part tale in which the Justice Society go to Detroit and get involved in a race riot. With Roy Thomas, Rich Buckler, Arvell Jones and Richard Howell as core creators, it’s an entertaining, thought-provoking tale rooted in real-world events. Have a listen and share your thoughts with Billy D at aworldonfirepodcast@gmail.com or the Twitter feed, @allsquadron, or even here if the mood takes you!

You can find A World on Fire at all food podcatchers, including Apple Podcasts. Or listen via this link, click on the highlighted text.

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