Podcast Plugtime – A World on Fire: An All-Star Squadron Podcast

One of the best series of the Eighties was All-Star Squadron. Roy and Dann Thomas’s love letter to DC’s Golden Age, it followed the heroes of the Forties from Pearl Harbor onwards as they fought Hitler and co on the Home Front – well, mainly. As well as the Justice Society of America, 7 Soldiers of Victory and Freedom Fighters, it starred heroes who were not previously known to have joined a team, such as Liberty Belle, Robotman and Tarantula, and such new characters as Firebrand II and Amazing Man.

What’s more, it featured glorious artwork by Jerry Ordway, Rich Buckler and other luminaries. Whether telling a tale out of whole cloth, or reinterpreting contemporary material, All-Star Squadron never failed to delight.

And last year it finally birthed a dedicated podcast, A World on Fire, hosted by Billy D and Herman. The boys are looking at every issue, talking story, plot points, character and context, both in terms of the original comics and the real world. It’s a delight and I’ve just been lucky enough to guest on an episode.

So if you’re not already listening, why not join us for A World on Fire episode 21, in which the issue under examination is All-Star Squadron #30 – there’s lots to talk about, and Herm and Billy would love to hear your thoughts. What do you think of retroactive continuity? Who’s your favourite All Star? And how great is Johnny Thunder!

Listen to A World on Fire via your favourite podcaster, or listen to the latest episode by clicking on these very words… we hope you enjoy it!

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