The Batman and Scooby-Doo Mysteries #10 review

On the one hairy hand, this issue’s cover gives away the identity of the furry fellow attacking attractions in Florida. On the other, that ‘Shaggy, man’ gag is just so good, and Dario Brizuela’s illustration, coloured by Franco Riesco, will surely shift some copies.

And anyway, the reveal of the old Justice League threat isn’t the point of the issue, the point is fun in the sun with Mystery Inc, the Caped Crusader and a special guest star.

While regular continuity Renee Montoya is famously a solo operator, here she gets to have some fun with fellow detectives, particularly as regards the practicality of that full-face mask when it comes to eating.

And so far as working out the likely motive for the resort attacks goes, Daphne, Velma and Fred leave no Question.

Ivan Cohen develops his story well, with Renee – like Scooby and co, a character introduced in animation – a great add-on to the usual antics. The jokes are top notch, the puppet master deploying Shaggy Man makes sense and there’s a brilliant take on the traditional villain end line.

There’s even a hint of romance for Renee (sadly, she barely seems to know Velma is alive).

Dario Brizuela’s good-natured art carries the story along nicely, with stock poses far outnumbered by original business. I especially like Daphne and Fred keeping their ascots on over their rubber suits, and Renee as dog handler.

The colours by Franco Riesco are a delight, while Saida Temofonte’s letters are, as ever, the bees’ knees. Edits, as ever, come courtesy of Kristy Quinn.

If you have to buy one Batman book this week – and according to DC Comics, you do – you won’t get more fun for your pennies than this.

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