Justice Society of America #4 review

Per Degaton is trying to destroy the Justice Society, as per usual. He’s travelling down the timeline destroying the jSA of each generation. ‘Why’ is the question that’s haunted Huntress Helena Wayne since a mysterious snowglobe began plonking her in the Golden Age villain’s footsteps. While Helena, who’s from 2049, tries to warn the JSA […]

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Justice Society of America #3 review

The Huntress of decades from now has been bouncing around the timestream, watching various iterations of Dr Fate die. Now Helena Wayne is in 2023, facing contemporary Dr Fate and future JSA teammate Khalid Nassour and his Justice League Dark colleagues Deadman and Bobo the Detective Chimp. He’s understandably perturbed to learn Huntress has seen […]

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The Death of Superman #1 review

Thirty years. It’s been three decades since Superman fell in battle with Doomsday. Since then we’ve seen dozens of creative teams on the various books starring the Man of Steel, some of them excellent. But we’ve never had as sustained a period of greatness as the Triangle Era. From 1991-2002 the Superman titles – the […]

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The New Golden Age #1 review

Well, this made me happy. A romp through the DC Universe beginning with the first meeting of the Justice Society of America… … and ending with a 31st-Century version of the team. In between we see vignettes from the Fifties, Seventies, ‘13 years from now’ and ‘18 years from now’. Linking the various time periods […]

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Earth Prime: Stargirl #4 review

Do you ever buy a comic with low expectations and then find yourself blown out of the water? That’s what happened with this latest DC tie-in to the WB superhero shows. I saw publicity for the first couple but was put off by the cover art; also, they’re tying into the TV show continuity and […]

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Stargirl Spring Break Special #1

It’s hard being a superhero when you’ve homework assignments to hand in. Courtney Whitmore isn’t the first teen heroine to learn this lesson, but it doesn’t mean she’s not feeling the pressure. Happily, while being Stargirl can cause problems, it’s also a release – what better way to express and exorcise frustrations than to blast […]

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Marvels Snapshots: Sub-Mariner #1

The Big One is over and the heroes of World War Two have come home. But they’ve paid the price for victory, cop Betty Dean’s brothers among them. After a spat with Lloyd over his drinking, Betty takes her friend Namor, the Sub-Mariner, to Palisades Park. He’s just back from Europe and she’s determined to […]

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