Crime Syndicate #2 review

Starro has come to Earth 3 and they’re on a recruitment drive. First to sign up, if not willingly, is the world’s super-dictator, Ultraman. And the mission he’s been given by the neurological nobbling alien starfish is, bring Superwoman into the fold.

She’s not having it.

Elsewhere, Owlman is being rather melodramatic.

Still, he’s getting the job done with the usual Wayne efficiency. The name is Wayne, but it’s Thomas Wayne, not yet a member of the evil Justice League because they don’t yet exist. This first story in the six-issue mini-series is the Crime Syndicate’s version of The Brave and the Bold #28, in which a batch of brave super-beings came together against Starro the Conqueror. The metahumans here are brave, and indeed, bold, but I doubt they’ll save the day with a few sacks of lime – it’s going to be a lot messier.

Before we get there, there’s this issue, which is bags of fun, as Starro-adjacent Clark Kent tackles Appalling Amazon Donna Troy who, it turns out, isn’t entirely unfamiliar with space starfish. We also meet more metahumans beyond the earlier introduced Emerald Knight, Atomica and Johnny Quick – well, see rather than meet, as while it’s obvious who they are, they’re not named – and get to delight in the goateed greatness that is President Oliver Queen.

Andy Schmidt’s story is relentlessly entertaining, with the chapter nicely paced and the dialogue snappier than Snapper Carr. The art by penciller Kieran McKeown, inker Dexter Vines and colourist Steve Oliff is even better than last month’s excellent offering. I especially like the Dave Gibbons vibe they give Owlman, evoking the Watchmen look without slavishly following it. And Starro has never looked so good, in a disgusting way. The letters by Rob Leigh complement the rest of the art, the styles and colour choices always sympathetic and adding to the impact of the instalment.

Schmidt and Leigh return for a four-page origin of Owlman, along with artist Bryan Hitch and colourist Alex Sinclair. It turns out that on Earth 3, the Waynes – Thomas Sr, Martha and Bruce – weren’t killed by Joe Chill.

Introducing us to the protagonists outside the main story is a smart move, and like last issue’s Ultraman origin, the creators do justice to Owlman’s beginning (and his probable end). Hitch is getting better with age, and this tight offering is a great showcase for his skills.

Add in a splendidly vertiginous cover from Jim Cheung and Romulo Fajardo Jr and you have an excellent issue of a limited series that needs to be promoted to ongoing, pronto. Read it and tell me I’m wrong.

8 thoughts on “Crime Syndicate #2 review

  1. Enjoying this series. And am looking forward to the Donna Troy origin they provide. A visit to ‘Demon Island’ should be quite interesting. I could see it using the much hated ‘Amazons would kidnap, rape, and murder sailors and throw out male babies’ bit that made a ruckus a few years ago.


      1. To be fair though, that sort of Amazon origin would make sense for THIS version of them on THIS world. I mean, it IS Demon Island for a reason. 🙂

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  2. Great review! I’m glad to see this book is still working for you… I’ll keep it in mind for later. But mostly I dropped in to make note of the unfortunate cover crop for the header to this review. It’s so awkward, you’d think you worked for DC Digital Firsts!

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      1. Ha, I figured it was an automatic thing, and pretty much inalterable. Anyway, I’m glad the book is good! I think it’s a great idea to have the Injustice League’s origin also center around Starro.

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  3. Finally started reading this on DCU Infinite. And yes, this IS a blast. I’m glad to see Atomica is sticking around… she’s my favorite latter-day addition to the Crime Syndicate. Her betraying the Justice League in that crossover (I forget the name) was one of the New 52’s genuine shocks.

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