Go-Go listen to a Silver Age Lois Lane podcast

… or perhaps that should say ‘podCATS’ as this issue of Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane, #66 from, coincidentally, 1966, proudly proclaims: ‘They call me the CAT!’.

Nobody does, truth be told, which gives the latest episode of the always delightful Checkered Past podcast its title, ‘But… no one ever actually calls her the cat’. People might call Lois jolly unfortunate as the girl reporter is beset by a series of freak metamorphoses in a typically nutty story by Leo Dorfman and Kurt Schaffenberger. What’s going on? Find out as Dr Bobb and Dr Husband take you through the issue, part of their mission to have fun with the 500-plus DC comics adorned with Go-Go Checks in the mid-Sixties.

And while every episode is a delight, I’m plugging this one because I’m on it! I know my Lois, but can I keep up with Dr Bobb and Dr Husband when it comes to entertaining tangents? Pop over to the showpage, listen to the episode and find out at the link highlighted right here. And you can follow the Checkered Past Twitter feed at @gogocheckpod and subscribe to the show at your usual podcaster.

I guarantee, you’ll lose your buttons!

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