Sensational Wonder Woman #5 review

On the beach, a pair of models are being snapped for a suntan lotion campaign when there’s some surprising photobombing.

The lady living life through the lens is thrilled that Wonder Woman is right there, before her. She’s been dying to get a meeting with the Amazing Amazon because where there’s a celebrity, there’s money to be made. Diana doesn’t care about cash, but the stranger has another way to get her attention, when she catches up with her at the scene of a second emergency.

Legendary comics creator Colleen Doran writes and draws an utterly delightful tale that nods to Diana’s history while being as fresh as tomorrow’s dew. Every page is a joy, full of good humour as we move through a sharply plotted tale reintroducing a classic character. Take that page above – it’s three panels, with every one counting, every expression and posture true and contributing to the whole. I especially like that titchy cloud over the firefighter’s head. There’s a rare wit to the dialogue, while Doran’s people are easy on the eye – even a rough-looking cabbie is fun to look at. And Doran does marvellous megalodons.

This is first-rate comics storytelling from a mistress of the form. Can this be the new, monthly Wonder Woman series please?

The vibrant colours of David Baron and friendly letters of Gabriela Downie complete the attractive package, and lets give a shout-out to Liz Erickson – these comics don’t edit themselves! Doran provides the cheery cover – this comic is good-natured from start to finish, and I’m hoping that while Sensational Wonder Woman #5 seems like a done-in-one. a sequel arrives soon. Buy this DC Digital First treat – a steal at 79p/99c – and you will, I think, agree.

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