Sensational Wonder Woman #5 review

On the beach, a pair of models are being snapped for a suntan lotion campaign when there’s some surprising photobombing. The lady living life through the lens is thrilled that Wonder Woman is right there, before her. She’s been dying to get a meeting with the Amazing Amazon because where there’s a celebrity, there’s money […]

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Justice League #49 review

Wonder Woman, Flash, Batman, Superman and Green Lantern are on the planet Trotha after rescuing its children from danger in space and freeing the people from a despotic queen. But… consequences. Having saved the planet’s two tribes from lives of slavery, the Justice League announced that they could now rule themselves. But they didn’t want […]

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Justice League #40 review

A rocket ship crash lands in a field in the rural United States. It’s not a Kryptonian baby, though, it’s a strange visitor from the planet Daxam – Sodam Yat. The former Green Lantern is here to warn the world of a threat. According to Yat, the Eradicator’s forces don’t have the traditional Daxamite weakness […]

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Detective Comics #1009 review

That’s a heck of a cover from illustrator Doug Mahnke, colourist David Baron and the DC production department, with Mr Freeze icing up the mag’s logo to celebrate the Year of the Villain. Inside, Victor Fries barely appears – he’s confined to a two-page addendum after the meat of the issue concludes, working on his […]

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Detective Comics #994 review

It’s the anniversary of the death of Martha and Thomas Wayne. At Gotham Aquarium, a man and woman surgically altered to look like them are found dead in a tank, shot in exactly the same way. While not outwardly rattled, Batman forgets himself for a second. Across town, in Park Row – nicknamed Crime Alley […]

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