DC Universe Rebirth Reassessed!

Paul Hicks, Jeff Lester and myself discuss DC’s game-changing 80-page giant on the latest episode of Paul’s DCOCD podcast. That’s the show in which Paul, his brain befuddled by the neverending parade of DC events, gets his therapy by talking through things with guests. And this time it’s Jeff, from the always excellent Wait, What? podcast and its spin-off Judge Dredd show, Drokk!, and myself who hope to help Paul find his way back to what passes for sanity.

What did we make of Geoff Johns’ attempt to inject some optimism back into the DC Universe after five years of the New 52? How would we mark it in terms of Eventiness, Writing, Art and Legacy? Will I ever stop, you know, saying ‘you know’?

Click on this link, or find DCOCD on the Waiting For Doom feed on your favourite podcast catcher, and find out!

And if you’re curious about my first impressions on the comic’s release on 2016, click here.

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