Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #14 review

Out on the ocean, military commander Etta Candy and a lone airman look set for a messy run-in with an out-of-control missile. Happily, Etta has a friend who can fly in and save the day.

Diana tells Etta and Airman Maddenthorpe a story from years previously, of the day a pilot crashed off the coast of Paradise Island. No, not Steve Trevor…

Queen Hippolyta’s knowledge of healing brings the pilot back from the brink of death, though it’s too late for her navigator. The Amazons – especially young Princess Diana – find the newcomer fascinating.

Does the pilot stay? Well, if you know your history, you’ll likely have guessed the answer to that one… while the flier remains unidentified, the navigator’s name is a hint.

DC Superhero Girls writer Amanda Deibert and Wonder Woman veterans Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan produce a terrific done-in-one with ‘Under the Radar’. Our heroine is confident, capable and charming, there’s a nice subversion of expectations in the female pilot not being Steve Trevor’s mother, Diana, and that moment with the airman bashing his belly on the Invisible Plane is straight out of Mad! magazine’s Scenes We’d Like To See feature. The visual storytelling by penciller Lopresti and inker Ryan is brilliant – economic and engaging, a masterclass in comics clarity. With colours by Hi-Fi and letters by Janice Chiang, this DC Digital First offering – that’s just 99c/79p, folks! – has top talent all round. Well done to editor Michael McCalister for gathering and wrangling the talent.

I hope we see this high-flying creative team on the title again soon.

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