It’s midnight…

An old dark house. A young woman. Her mysterious beau. Her new friend. A ghost.

And a super-ghost… Deadman headlined DC prestige series Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love in 2016, a beautifully written, moody, exciting, romantic, gorgeously illustrated story that’s perfect for Hallowe’en. I reviewed the first issue – here’s the link – and now, four years on, get to talk about the series some more, courtesy of Ryan Daly and his always terrific Midnight… the Podcasting Hour show.

Ryan, myself and fellow guests Doug Zawisza and Nathaniel Wayne chat about all three issues – six really, each book contained two-regular size comics – teasing out themes, talking characters, art, all that fun stuff.

As if that’s not reason enough to tune in, Ryan opens the episode with a true-to-life tale detailing the origin of Midnight’s regular horror host, PJ Frightful.

Find the show on Apple Podcasts and all the usual podcasters, or via the show page at the Fire and Water Network, where you can leave comments.

Happy Hallowe’en!

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