Superman: Man of Tomorrow #11 review

After several issues of short tales by different writers, Robert Venditti, whose stories with penciller Paul Pelletier lit up the first six issues of this DC Digital First series, is back for what looks to be another several-issue sequence.

Well, that’s what the final page indicates; the previous 15 give us a complete story that begins, as many of the best Superman adventures do, at The Daily Planet.

Clark transforms into his other self and meets the spaceship’s pilot in the skies over Metropolis. As for what he wants and how Superman reacts, all I’ll say is that the first is surprising, and the second, not at all. Like current Superman and Action Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis, Venditti is brilliant at conveying Superman’s tremendous warmth and that’s on display in spades here.

And artist Gleb Melnikov captures our hero’s big heart superbly. The expressions on Clark’s face are wonderfully human, likewise those of the Planet supporting cast… his Perry White, in particular, is brilliant, on model yet with bags more character than is often the case; just look at that cute nose! I like the design for Grikus, and the big fight scene is terrific – Jordie Bellaire does her usual great job on colours, while Clayton Cowle adds extra character to the story with his striking sound effects.

If you need a smile, as so many do right now, I guarantee this comic will produce not one, but several. Don’t miss it.

2 thoughts on “Superman: Man of Tomorrow #11 review

  1. Totally obvious how this story will go from the time we meet Grikus and it doesn’t matter. This type of story needs to be told every so often.Vebditti has a handle on how Clark should act and react as good as Bendis and Tomasi do…


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