Flashpoint Beyond #1 review

In a world that shouldn’t exist, Batman Thomas Wayne has a mystery to solve. Did Aquaman have Barry Allen murdered so he couldn’t gain the powers of the Flash and change the world, returning the Flashpoint reality to the one Thomas Wayne never knew? One in which he and wife Martha, not son Bruce, died […]

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The Thing #1

It’s a while since Ben Grimm has had a solo title, but he’s back for a mini-series courtesy of noted novelist Walter Mosley, illustrator Tom Reilly and colour artist Jordie Bellaire. And it’s a rewarding read, as the ever-loving, blue-eyed Thing has a pretty bad day. It begins with him returning from a fishing trip […]

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Wonder Woman #778 review

I don’t keep up with variant covers but I can’t imagine that even the loveliest shot of Diana posing moodily would beat artist Travis Moore and colourist Tamra Bonvillain’s tremendous opening image for Wonder Woman #778. Wonder Woman in Bronze Age outfit and pals Siegfried and Ratatosk falling through a rabbit hole of multiple earths? […]

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Wonder Woman #777 review

Diana’s quest to stop Janus the godslayer sees her and pals Siegfried and Ratatosk arrive back on Earth, at the Hall of Justice. Wonder Woman is relieved, confident her Justice League friends will assist them. Surprise! Miss Martian? Nope, it’s Marsha Martian of the Justice Guild of Earth 11. Well, that’s what Diana calls it. […]

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Wonder Woman #776 review

Now here’s a cover that’s hard to resist. After years of Wonder Woman, warrior princess, here’s Diana, Disney princess. Mind, she’s very much a modern Daughter of Walt, standing up to bullies when she finds herself in Fairyland. It’s the latest stop in a tour of mystical realms that has so far seen Diana have […]

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Superman and the Authority #1 review

In 1963, President John F Kennedy has a request for Superman. In the future, Superman has a request for Manchester Black. One of the most memorable Superman stories of the last couple of decades was Action Comics #775’s ‘What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?’ With Wildstorm Comics’ The Authority showing how […]

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Wonder Girl #1 review

Born in Brazil, raised in Boise, Yara Flow is taking her first trip to the land of her birth since she was brought the the US as a tot. On the plane, she’s dreaming. In Rio de Janeiro, Yara’s bus tour is interrupted by a road accident, prompting her to leap into action. The pleasant […]

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Wonder Woman #772 review

On a quest for a magic key, Diana has allowed herself to be swallowed by Nidhogg, the snake that surrounds the World Tree of Norse mythology. She’s confident she can find the key and get out again, but hasn’t factored in the fact that when it comes to stomach acid, the bile of a mystical […]

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