Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #4 review

The bad people have gathered. Black Manta, Cheetah, Captain Cold, Lion-Mane, Scarecrow, Two Face and Killer Croc are breaking bread with the Penguin. He has a suggestion.

Years ago, Wonder Woman was enjoying a team-up.


And things get worse.

But this series from DC Digital First gets better and better. In a tight 16 pages, we’re introduced to an old friend of Wonder Woman and after quickly being made to like The Socialite, we mourn with Diana. There’s a chilling attack on America, a visit from the Amazons and a prime example of the Athenian wisdom so many writers forget Diana has.

But not Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, who present different sides of the Amazing Amazon – fighter, friend, sage, super-heroine, they’re all here in a satisfying short.

A DC Acts of Vengeance is a promising idea, I’d love to see Conner and Palmiotti write more chapters for DC Digital First, showing first-time encounters between heroes and villains. As for who Diana faces, I’m sure you can work it out along with our heroine.

While the nearest we get to a time stamp on Socialite’s appearance is ‘a while back…’, Anna’s sensational outfit just screams Sixties. As for Diana…

That’s a pretty classic, classy Wonder Woman costume, and another post-Wonder Woman #750 indication that DC’s timeline now has Diana having been in Man’s World for 80 years or something. I am intrigued.

Mind, that outfit obviously has a lot more metal than the costume I grew up with, given it’s obviating the need for a game of Bullets & Bracelets.

The pages are stunning, thanks to penciller Daniel Sampere, inker Juan Albarran and colourist Adriano Lucas. The meeting of the madmen is moody, Diana’s afternoon with the Socialite breezy, the rain of destruction intense. And always, the emotions are apparent, without being overwrought. I hope we’re treated to this team’s visuals as often as they can manage.

The sharp letters from Travis Lanham can’t go unmentioned, they’re unobtrusive but noticeably good, while the cover by illustrator Chad Hardin and colourist Paul Mounts promises much, and the comic delivers.

Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #4 is titled ‘Hope Springs Eternal’, an apposite title for a story that shows how a little heart can change the world.

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