Happy St Valentine’s Day, Brainy

It’s Valentine’s Day so how about a spot of comic book romance? Doomed comic book romance, as Brainiac 5 mourns the loss of Supergirl in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Meanwhile, in November 1985’s Legion of Super-Heroes #16, Polar Boy and the new batch of recruits are on their first mission. As for the longtime members, they’re celebrating a Christening…

Join host Clinton Robison and, well, me for his latest Coffee and Comics podcast episode. Caffeinated Clinton prides himself on producing episodes that are the perfect length for a quick coffee. This time, you may need a bigger cup!

So, join us to talk the best Legion romances. Learn about 30th-Century fashions. Find out why Rond Vidar is the worst best friend a guy could have.

Here’s the link, any comments welcome!

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