Young Justice #0 review

JLA communicator cards on the table, I’ve not seen the new Young Justice TV show, bar the odd clip. It’s not hit the UK yet. But I was a fan of the original series by Peter David and Todd Nauck. I was disappointed when the quirky little comic was cancelled so the main characters could […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #9 review

The focus this month is on the mysteries of Durla, Chameleon Boy’s homeworld, as the Legion continues its bid to track down the shape-changing assassins targeting the United Council. Cham and Brainiac 5 are there, trying to learn what its leaders know about the conspiracy, while Timber Wolf and Tyroc guard UP representatives on Earth. […]

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Supergirl #60 review

Supergirl has four ne’er-do-wells to fight this month, and a new enemy pulling the strings who could prove more dangerous than any of them. For Parasite, Silver Banshee, Kryptonite Man and Metallo teleport in courtesy of a new phone app, Flyover, developed by a Harvard guy so far known only as Alex. The name’s appropriate in […]

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What’s in a name?

A brief question. Does anyone have strong feelings as to how we should refer to comic creators in reviews? I tend to go full-out with names on the first mention, then switch to surnames.  Or rather, Martin Gray tends to go full out with names on the first mention, then Gray sticks to surnames. It’s habit […]

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The She-Hulks start off the New Year by “sounding off” at each other in a heated exchange over how Amelia was able to discover Lyra’s secret identity. The Red Ghost, Ivan Kragoff, makes up for his anti-climatic takedown last issue by interrupting the squabble, sabotaging the flight controls of the Gamma Jet so his apes […]


Batman and Robin #19 review

Batman and Robin #19 comes with a stirring cover by upcoming penciller Patrick Gleason, working with Mark Irwin. Anyone else hear the opening bars of the Adam West TV show? The heart of this issue is a conversation between Una Nemo – the woman with the large hole in her head who calls herself The […]

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Knight and Squire #4 review

It’s the fourth issue of the Knight and Squire mini-series and I’m depressed. Depressed because there are only two more issues to go starring Cyril and Beryl, the UK’s answer to Batman and Robin. I adore this book, just adore it. Still, let’s not dwell on the bad, it’s just not British. Let’s be happy […]

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Wonder Girl #1 review

Ah, simplicity, I love you. Over in Wonder Woman there’s continuity crushing and confusion aplenty as a tweaked Diana searches for the truths of her life over the course of 12 issues or more. In this one-shot, Wonder Girl visits her mother at an archaelogical conference in London and foils a heist by mud-morpher Lady Zand, with […]

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Booster Gold #40 review

Courtesy of regular artists Chris Batista and Rich Perrotta, Booster and Skeets look utterly spiffy on their DC icons cover, and if they attract any new readers to the book, they may just stay. For this month offers a splendid jumping-on point as Booster’s origins, adventures and nature are laid bare. The excuse is a […]

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