Teen Titans #77 review

I enjoyed the recent Blackest Night: Teen Titans mini hugely and a big reason for that was writer JT Krul, who mixed adventure and emotion to excellent effect. So seeing he was filling in on this regular issue, and noticing the cover homage to New Teen Titans #1, I was rather interested to see where the story went.

As it happens, nowhere. This story has nothing to do with anyone on the cover, and only one recent Titan, Ravager, appears in it. What this is, is a Deathstroke solo tale in which the corpses of family and friends come to visit. What they finally ask of him is a clever little twist but it doesn’t make up for the rest of this 30pp story (Ravager’s usual competently dull back-up is absent). If you want to see two more Ravagers, one butler and an ex-wife mangling and being mangled, this is the book for you. If you like the self-deluded murderer Deathstroke and his damaged daughter Ravager Rose, go right ahead. If you’ve a yen to see some barnstorming Black Lanterns and first-rate fight scenes from a top team of artists, hand over that $3.99.

Me, I want the story that goes with that corker of a cover. Thanks for nothing, guys.

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