Action Comics #883 review

Excellent, Nightwing and Flamebird finally get some decent costumes, sleek spins on both the Superman suit and Silver Age Kryptonian wear. The cover by Cafu and Santiago Arcas shows them off nicely. Inside they’re drawn by Pere Perez and look equally good, as does the John Byrne-style Science Guild outfit of this issue’s villain, another […]

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Strange #1 review

Look at the cover by Tom Coker – well designed, nicely executed, moody as all get out. It promises great things for this four-issue mini following the former Sorcerer Supreme since his demotion to would-be Master of the Mystic Arts once more. Now look at the interior artwork by penciller Emma Rios and colourist Christina […]

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Batman Confidential #36 review

Last month the Flash teamed with the Blackhawks in a Second World War adventure in The Brave and the Bold, now Batman encounters the legacy of the flying aces in the present day. ‘Blackhawk Down’ sees short-term member Ted Gaynor, supposedly long-dead, show up young, vital and deadly at Blackhawk Propulsion Laboratories. Customer Bruce Wayne […]

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Doom Patrol #4 review

The Blackest Night crossover rumbles on, with corpses attacking DCU heroes for reasons I’ve long since lost track of. The reason here is to boost sales, and I’m not just down with that, I’m positively six feet under – this is a great book that more people should try. Cue the corpses of the Seventies […]

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Secret Six #15 review

Guest writer John Ostrander gives us a look at how Deadshot’s past has affected his present, via a chat with onetime confessor Revd Richard Craemer. It’s a smart tale, showing us that while Floyd Lawton seems one of the saner Suicide Squad members, he’s a deeply damaged soul. As a fan of Ostrander’s exemplary Suicide […]

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