Blackest Night: Titans #2 review

I’m being sparing in following the Blackest Night crossovers, as the core concept of zombiefied DC heroes and villains isn’t an immediate grabber for me. But which old New Teen Titans fan could resist this cover, and the promise that where baby Robert goes, dad Terry Long can’t be far behind.

And who knew that Terry would be far more attractive in death than in life? Don’t we all love a guy with a little intensity? And isn’t it great that Terry’s old wedding suit can accessorise the Black Lantern look?

Donna’s meeting with Terry Longdead and son is actually rather creepy as written by JT Krul and drawn by Ed Benes. For the first time in years, this is a Donna Troy I recognise; it’s as if the death of her estranged husband and baby son made her block off a lot of personality, and their apparent resurrection has set Donna free. In a way, it’s as if Donna had been dead too, and she’s going to grab life by the balls once again (well, after this crossover, I mean).

Lots more dead Titans folk this month – Lilith, Terra and the two Hawks are the most prominent, but a whole bunch show up before the issue’s out. And as with Terry and Robbie, along with the zombies comes better characterisation, with Starfire and Dove especially benefiting in this area.

This is one of my favourite Benes pencil assignments ever. He de-cheesecakes the ladies a tad – breasts are still ample, but further down there’s room for internal organs, and the guys get to be as hunky as the girls are gorgeous – and channels the horror in dark, twisted scenes that show just how scary the Titans’ world is getting. From the eerie scenes with Robbie to the Grand Guignol theatrics surrounding Hawks and Dove, Benes pulls it off.

Fun and frightening, this is one of the best Titans tales in years.

5 thoughts on “Blackest Night: Titans #2 review

  1. I kind of wish that they would stop referencing Terry and 'the kids' so we could lose them to the mists of time. Donna is DC's Ms. Marvel to me. Ms. Managed, really. Once, my favourite character, next to Dick Grayson, who became Nightwing. So tired of female characters being defined by the men they are paired with, which has been the case with Donna for ages. Can't we just reboot and get the old red jumpsuit back?


  2. I read the Donna parts of the books, noted that Hell has given Terry a much nicer look, and completely missed Lilith in the rest of the book. Are they trying to tell us she's actually dead? I don't believe it for a second. Why, she wasn't even mourned.

    I'll be picking up the rest of this, uh, is it a mini? as long as Donna plays a major part. The rest of the Titans–(yawn).

    (Is this why Donna's going to be fighting her sis in next month's WW? Why is it that I so doubt that?)


  3. I haven't gotten around to reading this issue yet, but I did enjoy part 1. I haven't been a real Titans fan in a few years. I'm still looking for the lineup or story that really brings me back in, and since I am enjoying Blackest Night, this seems to be fitting the bill for me right now.

    That zombie baby is hard to resist. Did they portray his infant mind as more cruel and manipulative?


  4. Craig, love the Ms Managed line and I agree, red Donna is the classic and should return.

    Taco, so kind!

    I can barely remember Lilith dying, carol, wasn't it in the appalling Graduation Day? Hey, Donna died, why would anyone care about her best pal Lilith? I expect she was interred wearing a plaid mini. The book has one more issue to go.

    Ah Timbotron, take a peek at the book and see what the baby does . . .

    I'd forgotten about Kohl being born to die, Stephen – that's actually rather clever. I suppose rubbish Azrael will show up too.


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