Batman: The Brave and the Bold #7 review

The regular DCU has Batman believed dead while lost in limbo. In the Johnny DC all-ages line, Batman is alive and loving it. The latest issue of the TV spin-off begins with Batman and Greek hero the Olympian battling Wonder Woman headache Circe. That’s strictly pre-credits, though, with the bulk of the issue featuring a team-up with the World’s Strangest Heroes, those fabulous freaks, the Doom Patrol.

Batman’s called in by their leader the Chief when Robotman, Elasti-Girl and Negative Man are captured by a foe he presumes to be General Immortus (‘You know how he enjoys attacking my team.’). Not quite . . .

This is sheer delight from start to finish, as writer J Torres and artist J Bone (such shy fellows) gel wonderfully, the dynamic art matching the fast-paced script. Extra credit to Torres for dropping enough hints that it’s actually possible to guess who the mystery villain is, if you’ve ventured into the odder corners of the regular DCU. There are so many brilliant bits of business it’s tough to know where to begin, but I’d rather you discovered them for yourselves anyway. Hey, at $2.50 this book’s a steal. Still, here’s one of my favourite moments (click on image for a better look). Feel free to discover your own.

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