All-Star Superman 12 review

And here it is, the conclusion of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s love letter to Superman, and it doesn’t disappoint. The final chapter of the story of Superman’s 12 trials is as full of drama, wacky ideas and above all, heart as the previous instalments, and even manages to include a final page ‘of course!’ moment.

I won’t dwell on the minutiae of the references and concepts – there are some great websites that do that – but merely say that the story runs from a post-death encounter with Jor-El (his headwear evoking the regal figure he’s always been in Superman’s mind) to a final battle with the super-powered Lex Luthor. Along the way there are perfect character moments for Clark, Lois, Kat, Steve, Jimmy and Perry, all set in the gorgeous Metropolis of Quitely and colour artist Jamie Grant, a city that’s a few steps ahead of our own without seeming outlandish.

If Morrison and Quitely never touch the Superman Family again (and I would dearly love to see an extended take by them on Supergirl), All-Star Superman is enough to see them set among the first rank of Superman creatives for all time. Siegel and Shuster would be proud.

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