Teen Titans 63 review

Did I swear off this title after last month’s gleeful bloodbath? I can’t recall. Whatever, I’m a comic fan, so any such declaration would have been null and void.

This issue was better. As I do recall speculating last time, while Marvin is dog food, Wendy survives (likely to become a new member as some passing mad scientist bestows powers/Silly Putty parts upon her). She’s visited here by Cassie, aka Wonder Girl, who, for the first time in ages, acts like the pleasant person she used to be.

The main part of this issue features Bombshell who, like Zatara (see Superman 680 review) was a Teen Titan for a tiny amount of time One Year Later. It’s been so long since she’s been around – about two years, according to an editor’s note – that I’ve no idea who she is. Happily, writer Sean McKeever puts me right. Teenage, female Captain Atom. How very interesting, that’s just what Comics needs.

It seems her backstory involves assault and battery. It’s certain her current story involves a horrible personality. So that’s her on the team in an issue or two, then. Well, someone has to step up to the bitch mark if Cassie is back to being a halfway decent human being. Then again, it could all be a trick by Cassie to get a new female member so she can bully/annoy them into quitting – see Supergirl, Miss Martian, Ravager . . .

(An injured Ms Martian appears on the cover of this issue that’s online at the DC website, but she fell off on the way from Canada to Scotland, apparently. I blame Cassie.)

Anyroadup, she’s on the loose after a spell being dead in Suicide Squad prison base Belle Reve, so the Titans show up out of nowhere to bash her about. Well, it’s not like, say, young master detective Robin could be scouring Titans Tower for clues to the killer of Marvin and attacker of Wendy. Or guarding her from a repeat attack.

Oh well, biff bash bosh, Titans and Bombshell mix it up for a few pages, then lose one another, leaving BS (how apt) free for an Exciting Cliffhanger. The Titans, meanwhile, are off having Wonder Girl – suffering from power fluctuations – examined by Dr Mid-nite. Amusingly, while Cassie is under the doctor (oo-er), remaining members Robin, Red Devil and Blue Beetle are trying to persuade Stargirl to leave the old guys in the JSA and join their team. She says no here, but you never know, she could be loaned out by Geoff Johns for a while, which would be fun – she’s a straight arrow powerhouse who wouldn’t take crap from Cassie.

The most intriguing moment of this issue involves an ‘In happier times’ pic of Wendy and Marvin left with the sleeping Wendy by Wonder Girl. After Cassie leaves, the face of her wicked uncle, Ares the war god, appears over Marvin’s image. Ares is being identified with Marvin. Now, my name’s Martin, and that’s derived from Mars. Mars is the Roman names for Ares. Is Marvin also a derivative of Mars? Could it be that Marvin will turn out to be an avatar of Mars, and be revived by the god? OK, Marvin was murdered due to the machinations of Mars’ son, Lycus, but these are comics involving Classical gods so everything’s up for grabs.

Of trivial interest is the naming of the cells at Belle Reve as ‘Supermax metahuman cages’ – a tie-in to the upcoming Green Arrow film – well, there you go!

Eddy Barrows provides attractive artwork, as ever, and here an unfamiliar fellow, Allan Goldman, pitches in and does a pretty decent job. Inkers Ruy Jose and Julio Ferreira, colourist Rod Reis and letterer Travis Lanham also deserve mentions for solid work. I’ll also mention new assistant editor Rex Ogle, cos his name is so damn manly. Bet he could take Bombshell.

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