Superman: Son of Kal-El #12 review

After returning a victim of mad scientist Henry Bendix, leader of nation state Gamorra, to his loved ones, Superman 2 Jon Kent answers an alarm from his mother. Lois is currently staying at a Justice League safe house following the bombing of Jonathan and Martha Kent’s home by, presumably, Bendix. Why are they targets? Because […]

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Marvel Double Action #1 review

Holy Hannah, it’s back to the Seventies for this entry in the current Heroes Reborn event. This pastiche reprint comic – think Marvel Triple Action – ‘represents’ the tragic day Sam Wilson died. Yes, in this world without a Spider-Man it’s not Gwen Stacey, but the Falcon who dies due to the diabolical dealings of […]

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Supergirl #33 review

Supergirl is at the end of her quest to learn the truth behind Krypton’s destruction. The world of her birth was murdered by Rogol Zaar, egged on by Gandelo of the Trilium Collective. Teamed with her cousins Superman and Superboy, trusty Superdog Krypto and Phantom Zone criminals Zod and Jax-Ur, she confronts Zaar. Supergirl wields […]

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Teen Titans #23 review

It’s just another day in Gotham City. Officer down! Meanwhile, on Long Island, where Kid Flash has called to tell the parents of teammate-for-five-minutes Roundhouse that their son is dead… A call from Robin has the pals heading for Gotham, where they find the dead Commissioner Gordon. Make that, ‘dead Commissioner Gordon’. Having heard Gordon […]

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