Martian Manhunter #1 review

A few years ago, police detectives John Jones and Diane Meade are called to a crime scene. The parents are dead, the daughter is missing. Jones, secretly a Martian, gets a telepathic flash. We see from a flashback to life on Mars that fright foam most likely equates to human blood. Also, that while he […]

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Batgirl #26 review

Grotesque is back on the Gotham crime scene and Batgirl is pursuing him after his latest murder. Flashbacking like crazy, Barbara Gordon wonders what’s made him go from electric-boogalooter to bogeyman, art thief to psycho-killer. Instead of simply stealing, he’s murdering the owners and posing them as historic masterworks. Dead man becomes still life fruit […]

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Aquaman #39 review

Atlantis has been raised from the sea, a subconscious wish by Aquaman acted on by magical metal. The surface world is deeply suspicious and Amanda Waller has sent the Suicide Squad to bomb Atlantis back under the water. And if some people die… …actually, despite being criminals, not all the Squad members – specifically Harley […]

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