Batman: Three Jokers #3 review

It’s the conclusion to the long-awaited prestige format story in which Batman solved the riddle of the Three Jokers. He’s learned that there’s not one, but three Clown Princes of Crime; for years they’ve been sharing the job of making the lives of Gotham citizens miserable with their twisted sense of fun. The Joker who […]

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Superman #7 review

Finally. After what feels like a lifetime of waiting we get the reunion of Superman and son Jon after the latter’s trip into space with his grandfather, Jor-El, and mother Lois. The dubious idea behind it was that the supposedly summer-long sortie would put Jon on the road to super-manhood. It seems to have been […]

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Man of Steel #5 review

Last issue ended with Superman unleashing his flare power, the entirety of his stored yellow sun energy, in a bid to bring down Rogol Zaar. Which meant this issue would see him powerless for 24 hours, until his body had absorbed enough solar rays to power him up again. This issue opens with Superman dragging […]

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