The Flash #768 review

Wally West has had enough. After a very rough few years, he’s decided to quit superheroing and concentrate on his family. The Justice League members he tells are, at best, nonplussed. Uncle Flash Barry is especially upset. Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, though, is good with Wally’s decision, his super-speed having killed Ollie’s ward, Roy […]

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The Joker #1 review

Riddle me this? When is a Joker comic not a Joker comic? When the star of the show is Jim Gordon. Sure, the Clown Prince of crime appears throughout the issue, but it’s in flashback, or he’s an eerie figure haunting Gotham’s recently retired police commissioner. Joker #1 is a terrific study of Gordon, laying […]

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The Flash #759 review

Professor Zoom is up to his old tricks. He’s taken over the body of Barry Allen because he wants to be The Flash. So after running around doing good deeds, he seeks out the recently-returned-to-reality Bart Allen. After a warm-up race, Zoom-Flash tracks down three of the Rogues he’s been working with; he’d told Golden […]

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Wonder Woman Annual #3 review

Twelve years ago Wonder Woman rescued a young girl after her parents were killed in a terrorist incident on American soil. She placed the child with retiring agents of the security organisation Argus, and kept in touch. Five years ago, young Helen, now a valued agent of Argus herself, is on a mission to Gorilla […]

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Justice League Dark Annual #1 review

Very soon, on beginning this Justice League Dark Annual, I realised that it’s a stealth Swamp Thing Special. Very soon, I didn’t care. Because this is an absorbing, affecting, great-looking read which works as a one-off, while feeding into DC’s current crossover, Year of the Villain. Not that the other characters who weave in and […]

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