Aquaman/Green Arrow: Deep Target #1 review

Two years ago, a general and his science lackeys experimented in Montana.

Today, Emerald Archer and King of the Sea are at odds.

Hmm, heroes in shadows, time travel… can you see the twist coming?

Oliver Queen is Aquaman! Arthur Curry is Green Arrow! Martin Gray is tickled.

I didn’t see that coming, although it seems obvious in retrospect. It’s quite fun to see how Aquaman and Green Arrow are managing, time shenanigans apparently having seen them swap places. It’s less fun to see the antagonism, but then again, this is the first issue of a team-up book, heroes pretty much have to tussle.

Given they debuted in the same book, More Fun Comics #73 in 1941, and were in the Justice League of America together for years, it’s surprising how seldom these heroes have worked together as a pair. This story reminds me of Manhunt on Land/The Underwater Archers from Adventure Comics #267 in 1959, which saw Ollie dive into a watery case while Arthur chases a bad guy on land. The heroes never actually team up, meeting in just a single panel.

There you go, they’ve switched hunting grounds again – and it only took 62 years. There’s a lot more space this time, with seven issues – more fun indeed. Writer Brandon Thomas does a decent job of engaging the attention, and I look forward to seeing how he progresses his story; I hope our heroes are back to themselves quickly, because I want a team-up of Green Arrow and Aquaman as friends, not uneasy allies.

The art by illustrator Ronan Cliquet and colourist Ulises Arreola is crisp and clear, with attractive new costumes for archer and sea king. I like that the minions aren’t all the usual, super-fit types. And the villain, who gets his big reveal on the final page – he has a little accident with a Dr Doom-style time platform – looks fun.

Deep Target #1 didn’t knock my socks off, but it’s a pleasant, good-looking read, and I do like a tweaked timeline tale. I’ll be back next month to see what the villain’s plans are and why the heck this series is called Deep Target. Speaking of the title, that’s a clever logo on the striking cover by Marco Santucci and Arif Prianto. If you’ve read this issue, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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