Superman #4 review

Earth has been sent into the hell dimension known as the Phantom Zone. As the changed atmosphere kills people, Superman faces the ragtag army of alien criminals gathered by Rogol Zaar, the man who claims to have murdered the amazing world of Krypton. Jax-Ur, whose illegal scientific experiments exploded an inhabited moon of Krypton, is […]

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Superman #3 review

‘Superman vs the unstoppable Rogol Zaar!’ is what the cover promises. We don’t get that this issue, but it is coming. What we do get is the best Superman story since Brian Michael Bendis took over the character. The issue opens at STAR Labs, where supervillain Live Wire, in a quest to expand her powers, […]

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Man of Steel #5 review

Last issue ended with Superman unleashing his flare power, the entirety of his stored yellow sun energy, in a bid to bring down Rogol Zaar. Which meant this issue would see him powerless for 24 hours, until his body had absorbed enough solar rays to power him up again. This issue opens with Superman dragging […]

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