Superman #7 review

Jon, Lois and Clark Kent are off to the county fair. There are carnival rides, coconut shies, candy floss, prize cows… and crooks. Which is a bit of a bugger, as Clark has promised to keep Superman under wraps for the night. Lois, meanwhile, is getting to know the editor of the local rag, while […]

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Superman #6 review

Anyone who had to get glasses as a kid will recognise the moment. Superman suggests son Jon starts wearing specs for school, the new Superboy having been seen at his father’s side by virtually the whole world.  Yeah, cool… It’s just one of many great moments in this finale to the six-part opening arc, Son […]

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Superman #4 review

The Kryptonian horror known as the Eradicator has swallowed Krypto and the only thing stopping him doing something awful to young Jon Kent is his father. But Superman is taking a beating, as Jon and mother Lois watch in the Fortress of Solitude. Jon wants to help and Lois overcomes her natural instincts to keep […]

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Superman #3 review

Young Jon Kent has superpowers but his wavering levels of invulnerability worry parents Lois and Clark. They take him to the Fortress of Solitude, intending to run tests using Kryptonian tech, but come across some Kryptonian tech they’d not bargained on.  The Eradicator? Well, an Eradicator from some version of Krypton. Originally a robot cop serving […]

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Superman #2 review

Jon Smith is scared. His Dad spotted him spying on his meeting with Batman and Wonder Woman at the family farm, appeared in his bedroom and demanded he come with him… and now they’re in the middle of a frozen sea in, let’s say, Alaska. But he needn’t have worried, his father isn’t angry – […]

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Superman #1 Review

Most DC Comics are rated T for Teen. Some are E for Everyone. After this issue of Superman, I suggest another, EBPL – Everyone But Pet Lovers… For anyone who didn’t read Superman: Rebirth, this issue begins with a superbly staged graveyard recap, showing that the New 52 Superman is dead and the older Superman […]

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Batman and Robin #39 review

I’ve not seen the Harley Quinn variant cover for this issue but if it’s as attractive as Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray’s Action Comics #1 homage, I’d be surprised. Just delightful.  Inside, the newly super Robin has a message for Gotham’s crooks, letting them know there’s a new power in town; Bruce takes Damian for […]

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Superman Unchained #9 review

An alien armada is fast approaching Earth, one so powerful there may be only thing that could stop them – the death of Superman. Lex Luthor has given the Man of Steel a vial of solar fuel which, when injected in the vicinity of the invasion force, will make him explode with unimaginable power. Batman […]

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Booster Gold: Futures End #1 review

Gotham by Gaslight. No-good brigands scour the streets for their next mark. They come across a strangely dressed fellow in a rubbish tip.  Victim?  Hardly. It’s a time-tossed Booster Gold, wondering what’s plucked him from the 21st to the 19th century. He’s not there long, mind, as he’s soon zapped back to the present day, […]

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Batman and Wonder Woman #30

Batman’s quest to rescue the stolen body of son Damian from Ra’s al-Ghul takes him to Paradise Island, where the League of Assassins’ head believes a Lazarus pit lies. Before he confronts Ra’s, however, Batman must get past man-hating Amazon Aleka … Until a few years ago, ‘man-hating Amazon’ wouldn’t have been a tautological phrase […]

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