Legion of Super-Heroes #11 review

Following on from this month’s Legion of Super-Villains #1, Lightning Lass, Sun Boy, Phantom Girl, Wildfire, Ultra Boy, Tyroc and Colossal Boy help with the clean-up after Saturn Queen’s destruction of the prison on Takron-Galtos. Along with such old ‘friends’ as Tyr, we meet two new would-be LSV members, Fume and Frost. Elsewhere on the […]

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Supergirl #62 review

Supergirl teams up with Blue Beetle, Robin and Miss Martian to foil the plans of the mysterious Alex. They fail. Still, it’s only part three, next issue’s continuation will likely see the Maid of Might take down Alex … or whoever he really is. There are further hints as to his nature this time, but […]

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Power Girl #22 review

Power Girl and Superman take on a dinosaur invasion of Manhattan. Karen Starr takes back her assets. And Superman takes his life in his hands by pointing out that her more personal assets could prove problematic. Let’s take that last first. Yes, Superman, that well-raised smalltown boy, obliquely brings up the subject of Peege’s proud chest. It’s […]

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Power Girl #21 review

How things change. When Judd Winick came on as writer I said I didn’t want this book to continually tie into his other comic, Justice League: Generation Lost. But as the months have passed, the books have become more and more intertwined. And I love it. While odd scenes are repeated from title to title, […]

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Superman #708 review

At the end of last issue a group of strange visitors calling themselves the Superman Squad interrupted Superman’s walk across America and offered to explain why he’s lost faith in his ideals. This issue, they do just that, in a story beginning in the Fortress of Solidarity, and ending in Nebraska. And Superman teams up with […]

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Superman/Batman #79-80 review

Once upon a time DC’s editors were safe in assuming that their readership turned over every five years. That’s why the same storylines showed up again and again in the Golden and Silver Ages: Superboy gets a big brother, Lois gains super-powers, a new hero comes between Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman shrinks … That […]

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Batman Incorporated #1 review

The Batman – Dread Creature of the Boardroom! That’s what I was expected from a book called Batman Incorporated. That’s not what I got, but I like what’s there. Namely, a murder mystery involving Mr Unknown, the Batman of Japan; Batman and Catwoman acting as partners in every sense; the best fight scene a bat-book […]

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