Tiny Titans #43 review

Two things are stopping the Tiny Titans becoming the Justice League. First, they’re tiny. Not much they can do about that. The second matter, though – the lack of ‘cool costumes’ – can be sorted. Simply borrow one from the grown-ups.

So Superboy pops off to the Fortress of Solitude where the Phantom Zone villains mistake him for someone with a vital mission. Aqualad rejects Aquaman’s costume for a surprising reason and winds up looking suitably seaworthy, but supremely silly. Robin tries to nab a cape from Bat Cow, grazing on the Wayne Manor lawn, and disturbs the Batgirls’ breakfast.

It’s the best issue for gags in awhile, and I’m not giving any of ’em away. Well, apart from this one.

Art Baltazar and Franco’s script is bright and snappy, and the former’s artwork is sheer delight. What’s more, his colours are especially attractive – I do miss bright comic books. The one thing I didn’t like was Jor-El’s ‘Jeez’ exclamation, but that’s the Good Catholic Boy in me. Perhaps US tots are used to the word!

Either way, I’d recommend this to superhero fans of all ages as a cute palate cleanser.

One thought on “Tiny Titans #43 review

  1. I love the Tiny Titans and you're right, this issue had a particularly good run of gags. There were reboot jokes, but not too many. They kept it subtle.

    My favorite is that the JLA becomes really young, which is just the cutest riff on the Reboot Justice League book.


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