Naomi #2 review

In which our heroine asks mysterious mechanic Dee how he knows the date of her adoption and what else he knows. That, as they say, went well. Later, she tackles her parents. Not much there either. Which pretty much sums up this issue, which is a classic example of the type of decompression I thought […]

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Wonder Twins #1 review

Zan and Jayna, teenagers from the planet Exxor, are spending time on Earth. They’ve been learning about their new home for six months and are ready to try a US high school. Jayna has signed up for extracurricular activities… … while Zan doesn’t quite get Show & Tell. When not at their apparently peculiar school, […]

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Supergirl #27 review

Deep in outer space, Krypto is in trouble. Happily, Supergirl’s new friend, Znd’r Kol, is determined to save the Dog of Steel… even if it upsets his mother. On the other side of the warship, Kara fights with the Omega Men to save captive extraterrestrials from an army of evil empire The Citadel, helmed by […]

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Superman #8 review

Deep in the Bermuda Triangle, in the new Fortress of Solitude, Superman, Lois and robot major domo Kelex are running tests on Jon Kent. He’s come back from what was meant to be a summer trip to outer space several years older and, understandably, there are concerns. While he’s lying under an array of sensors, […]

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The Green Lantern #4 review

Last issue ended with Hal killing an intergalactic slave trader, claiming it was self-defence; it wasn’t. This month the book opens on a hypnotically beautiful alien world, where an insectoid being is trying to negotiate survival with a female humanoid. She wants entrance to a vault the native creatures jealousy guard. She also has a […]

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Young Justice #2 review

An assortment of young superheroes have been transported to the otherworldly realm of Gemworld. Robin doesn’t know why he’s there, but he’s grabbing what fun there is to be had, alongside local princess Amethyst. Elsewhere, cowgirl Ginny Hex is trying to introduce herself to Teen Lantern when Wonder Girl happens along. Cassie brings with her […]

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