Spider-Gwen #1 review

When Spider-Gwen broke big a few months back I quickly downloaded a copy of her debut story in Edge of Spider-Verse #2, ready for something amazing. What was the x-factor that inspired heaps of positive reviews, sparked acres of Twitter chat and birthed dozens of Tumblrs? Darned if I could tell you. I saw a […]

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Avengers Assemble #20 review

As the forces of Thanos continue to murder across New York, the Terrigen Mists descend on a suburban home, giving an ordinary person the gifts of an Inhuman. Avengers Wasp, Wonder Man and the Scarlet Witch are trying to protect their city, when they come across a very confused, very naked giant. Can the heroes […]

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Avengers A.I. #1 review

Here’s a spin-off from the Age of Ultron series which sees Hank Pym gather a team of heroes to take on the evil machine intelligences of the Marvel Universe. Mostly cybernetic and robotic creations, the Avengers A.I. members are well placed to prevent a war between man and machine, with their first assignment being to […]

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Avengers Assemble #15 review

Ultron’s drones have taken over London, leaving a ragtag band of heroes as the UK’s only hope. Residents Captain Britain, Excalibur and the Black Knight, holidaying Avenger Captain Marvel, forgotten hero Computer Graham and schoolgirl Magic Boots Mel huddle in the British Museum, protected by magical artefacts, trying to come up with a plan. Having given […]

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Fantastic Four Annual #33 review

Babysitting the Baxter Building while the Invisible Woman and Mr Fantastic holiday with the kids, the Thing and Human Torch become embroiled in a time travelling, dimension spanning tale guest starring Dr Strange. Also sharing the spotlight is Vincent, the most mysterious member of the Clan Destine, a genie/human hybrid family who prefer to enjoy […]

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Avengers Assemble #1 review

The movie’s not out yet, but here’s the comic tie-in. The idea is that this book features the Avengers seen in the film, but in the regular Marvel continuity. So while there’s a crowd shot featuring the likes of Wolverine, Spidey and Spider-Woman, the focus is on Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor, Iron Man and Captain […]

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Defenders #1 review

The Hulk asks old pals Dr Strange, Silver Surfer and Namor to seek out and destroy Nul, Breaker of Worlds – a kind of Black Hulk. Bruce Banner himself daren’t go near the beast for fear of merging with it, but points them towards a Hulk who can get involved – his occasional wife, Betty […]

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FF #12 review

Last week, in Fantastic Four #600, the Future Foundation kids teleported the Baxter Building’s upper three levels away in order to escape Annihilus’ insectoid incursion. We rejoin them as they phase onto the top of a mountain in Latveria, just as an alternate world Reed Richards, time traveller Nathaniel Richards, super-villain Dr Doom and his adopted son […]

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Avengers Academy #1 review

Spinning out of the recently concluded Avengers: The Initiative series, Avengers Academy gathers six young would-be heroes and puts them in the hands of experienced Assemblers. Out of the dozens of teenagers in Norman Osborn’s Initiative programme, Reptil, Hazmat, Finesse, Mettle, Striker and Veil are the best the next generation has to offer. At least […]

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