What do you want to see from DC in 2023?

Bleeding Cool this week shared a little extra information on 2023’s Dawn of DC publishing initiative.

Rich Johnston wrote: ‘As well as the classics of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Titans and Shazam, we also have Green Lantern Jo Mullein, Wonder Girl Yara Flor, Avery Ho Flash. A new Birds Of Prey with Flatline, Red Canary and Stitch. Tim Drake Robin and Batman Of New York Jace Fox together, Superman Jon Kent, Jackson Hyde Aquaman and Bolt.’

I’m not sure Rich is spot on with his character pics – I see no Bolt, but I do see the new kid from the recent Black Adam mini I never read…is he going by Bolt now? That would be weird as we’ve only just had a Future State speedster by that name running around in Teen Titans Academy and Suicide Squad. And the FS characters are at the heart of this latest announcement

Jace Fox, Stitch, Aqualad Jackson, Wonder Girl Yara… because YOU demanded it, these kids are getting pushed to the forefront of the DC Universe. You did demand it, didn’t you? Someone must have, as DC editorial has been trying to make their particular brand of Fetch happen for two years now, and here they are again.

I’ve tried liking them, and succeeded only with sarcastic sorcerer Stitch, the breakout star of Titans Academy (sorry Red X, but you were pants). The new Aqualad DC want us to call Aquaman is OK, but his stories all being about being gay and the son of Black Manta made me weary. Yara, originally announced by DC as a new Wonder Woman, is annoyingly cocky. And Jace Fox is utterly pointless, his brother Luke already having done the Batman But Black bit.

I’ve not heard of any massive fans of these characters, so expected DC to sideline them when it was announced that the Dawn of DC was coming. Admittedly, publicity spoke of ‘the next generation of characters’ but I took that to mean one down from the classics – the New Titans period characters, legacies like Green Arrow Connor Hawke, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and so on. We did see a great publicity image this week for the new Oliver Queen Green Arrow book, and Connor Hawke is in there, so that’s something.

But where’s Kyle, once one of DC’s brightest new stars but shunted aside when Hal Jordan was cured of being a murderous madman? On a similar note, where’s Firestorm, whose solo title was a massive seller back in the day? I believe he’s upcoming as part of the Lazarus Planet ‘event’ but why not put him in the big publicity push? I’ve seen preview images, but none with him in there.

Zatanna is also mentioned as being among the Lazarus Planet cast, it’d be great if she comes out of it with a new series. In the couple of years pre-New 52, writer Paul Dini emphasised what a fascinating character she is; the Goth chick version seen in Justice League Dark is a shadow of the classic character. Sticking with that gal would be a backwards step.

The JSA currently has a series, but it’s announced as just a 12-issue deal – where’s the faith that the original super-team, a best-seller more than once, can sustain a book? Similarly, how the hell does DC keep botching the beloved Legion of Super-Heroes? The Doom Patrol is emerging with a limited series, so that bears watching.

But where are the likes of Blue Devil and Captain Atom? What are the Secret Six up to? Is the Power Company still in business? Whatever happened to Primal Force? Would it be too much of a stretch to bring back Metamorpho and Plastic Man, and indeed, their team, The Terrifics?

DC has such a Who’s Who of once big characters and an even bigger backlog of those whose potential is yet to be tapped. Is DC so sure that a new take on The Brave and the Bold or DC Comics Presents wouldn’t succeed that it’s not worth even a year’s worth of one or the other to showcase recently inactive characters, to see if readers respond to any in particular?

Hmm, ‘Showcase’, that rings a bell…

Heck, a new B&B would star Batman, which fulfils what seems to be DC’s current publishing plan – look at what they offered us this past New Comic Book Day

Nothing but Batman and spin-offs. I’ve been a huge Batman fan in my day, but this is far too much… there wasn’t a single one that grabbed me, which is why there are no DC books reviewed this week.

Seriously, there must be more DC can do with their library of lost heroes than allow Tom King to mangle them?

Any ideas?

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  1. That last line, Mart! Never has a truer word been blogged!
    I’ve been a fan of Tom King’s work in the past, but I’ve long lost my appetite to see him march characters I love through us his douchy hall of mirrors.

    I’d love to see DC’s rich history revisited more often, but also appreciate when they try something new. Sadly, so little seems to stick these days, other than the big three and Batman’s extended family of books.

    I had read somewhere that Brave & the Bold is coming back with some high profile creators (King was amongst those mentioned 😬). When I was a kid Marvel & DC’s team-up books introduced me to their wider universes, and played a huge role in making me such a comic fan. However, relaunches of Marvel Team-Up and Brave & the Bold relaunches have struggled in the Trade Paperback era, where done-in-one stories are such a rarity.

    I’d suggest an anthology series to try out more old and new characters, but we all know how well they go down in the US.

    However, what I will say is that the Dawn of DC does have me quite excited. I love the look of the new Superman Family and am excited by the return of Power Girl and the Doom Patrol (despite the latter not having been away very long). I’m contemplating picking up Wonder Woman again because of the inclusion of Yara Flor.same with Green Arrow due to the apparent promise of including the GA family of legacy characters.

    I’m hoping to see the Legion return soon. I don’t care whether it’s Bendis’ version under a new writer, or the previous Johns’ version. It’d also be great to see a new team made up of B,C & Z Listers, that’s sometimes a way to reintroduce old characters to new readers and generate a bit of interest.

    I’m loving Stargirl at the moment, alongside the Golden Age relaunch with JSA, because it’s leaning into nostalgia but also creating new characters too. I suppose that, ultimately, that’s what I really want. Old stuff AND new stuff. And some cake.

    However, if we’re talking blue sky thinking, I want a book located on Earth H, where all the characters from the 80s Dial H for Hero stories have their own, independent identities and give us a whole new universe of characters to explore. I know I’m not going to get it, but I can dream of the continuing adventures of the Puma, Dragonfly and the Flying Buttress.

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    1. Thank you for the optimism! I’m such a dope, I’d read about the new B&B and completely forgotten it. Maybe my brain was on Earth H. And yes please to that, just so long as no old Dial users are mystery bad guys.

      I’m hopeful about the new format for Action Comics, and while I’d love to see Supergirl have a back-up there for old time’s sake (and Tommy Tomorrow, for that matter!), Phillip Kennedy Johnson says she’ll be a solid presence in the Superman lead, so we shall see.


  2. It looks like that new Black Adam character is named Bolt. I guess they felt the Titans Academy kid wasn’t making the most of it. Which is a shame, I liked her.

    Also, you get your wish! Batman: The Brave and the Bold launches in May — a team-up Batman book with a rotating creative team. You probably missed it in the Bleeding Cool article because it’s under a picture of the Joker, and he makes my eyes drift elsewhere, too.

    I’ve very few objections to the new kids — I like what I’ve read of Yara (I think the Superman/Wonder Woman teamup comic was among the best of Future State), I think Jo is great, and I like Jackson too — though I agree he needs to find another plot hook, pronto. I don’t have a lot of interest in Jace Fox, but as a Batman character, that’s not unusual.

    I’d sure love to see some of the books you mention revived — although Primal Force? Maybe someone could do right by it, but I’d rather see Demon Knights get a second chance. Jeff Parker or Jim Zub could knock that out of the park without even blinking.

    And keep in mind there are 6 months yet to be announced — I’d expect the new characters and situations that come out of Lazarus Planet to be announced closer to the conclusion of that event. Or, given the spoileriffic nature of comics marketing, maybe right after the first chapter drops.

    But for specifics of what I want? New Legion stories, new JSA stories, and less characters that are spin-offs of what DC already publishes, in favor of stuff that stands alone. So if I have any objection to the new kids — Yara and Jon and Jackson and Jace — it’s not that they’re not Donna and Conner and Garth and Luke, but that they’re not Firestorm and Power Girl and The Question and Jonah Hex, or some all-new character and storyline with no connection to anybody.

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    1. I’d give Primal Force at least one more issue to clean up that dizzyingly frustrating final issue!

      Thank you too for the B&B reminder, I am so embarrassed.

      I’d like to see the new kids given an anthology or team book, a dedicated space to grow.

      Demon Knights was great,yeah, bring that one back. It’s a shame the best books of the New 52 vanished along with the dross.

      Great final par. I want what you want, Rob!


      1. Yeah, there was so much bad in the New 52… but there were quite a few good things, too, if you knew where to look. (Basically, look wherever DC wasn’t pointing.)

        And one thing I left out of my final graf — Monkey Prince! That’s exactly the sort of new character I’m looking for, and judging by his participation in Lazarus Planet, he’s got a little staying power so far!


    2. Just writing to confirm that Bolt is indeed the name of the new Black Adam character. From the solicit for issue 7, out next week: “Malik White-now the super-powered Bolt-has contracted the same mysterious plague that killed Black Adam! “

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  3. I don’t see Bolt, either. Bolt being the Australian from Teen Titans Academy and Future State: Suicide Squad with prosthetic legs and big braided blonde hair.

    That’s definitely Avery Ho depicted, though Kid Quick (from Earth-11 Multiversity: Teen Justice, and Future State: Justice League sometimes looks a bit similar I suppose.

    But isn’t Jai now called Surge, and did Wallace get the new name Burst? Who can remember surge, bolt, burst, blast, blur, quick, dasher, prancer, vixen and blixem? Maybe Linda is now Bolt?

    I think the new Black Adam is Malik White, aka White Adam.

    I’m interested in Green Arrow, because of the cast of characters. There’s only one new character depicted on that cover – Red Canary – and a number of the kind of legacies you mention, like Arrowette in addition to Conner Hawke, plus Roy Harper continues to stay not dead. And when was Mia Dearden/Speedy last seen? I plan to buy this book, but with some doubts, because I’ve lost a lot of confidence in Joshua Williamson. His Robin, and his Dark Crisis, started strongly, but faded badly. Robin dissolved into a boring crossover called Shadow War, and Batman vs. Robin by Mark Waid. (Like so many series these days, it served as prologue to TWO new series.)

    DC is making it a big deal that they will be introducing something like 20 “series” this year, and calling it some kind of dawn, but what year do they NOT introduce vastly more than 20 “series”? The only difference is, they are spinning these introductions as if they are part of an initiative, though I think it will be loosely connected – or not connected, at all. We just had a couple of years of an “Infinite Frontier” – but if asked, could you in retrospect say what that really WAS? Besides being the title of a mini-series, what else was it? The return of Roy Harper? The first and last appearance of The Totality team? Is Dawn of the DCU going to be any different?

    They can easily announce 20 in a year, because these days almost every new book is a 5- to 8-part mini-series. So they are continually tying series up, and DC has to restock with new ones continuously. We don’t know yet, but I’d be surprised if any of the new series will be ongoings.

    Who wasn’t disappointed that the current JSA book turned out to be a mini-series?

    I mean, look at the books that have ended recently, or will end soon:

    1. Batman: Fortress 8 (of 8)
    2. Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths 7 (of 7)
    3. DC: Mech 6 (of 6)
    4. DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War 6 (of 6)
    5. Superman: Son of Kal-El 18
    6. Young Justice: Targets 6 (of 6)

    1. Batman: Knightwatch 5 (of 5)
    2. Sword of Azrael 6 (of 6)

    1. Batman vs. Robin 5 (of 5)
    2. Batman: Beyond The White Knight 8 (of 8)
    3. Batman: Urban Legends #23
    4. DC Horror Presents: Sgt. Rock vs. The Army of the Dead 6 (of 6)
    5. I Am Batman 18
    6. Superman: Space Age 3 (of 3)
    7. The Human Target 12 (of 12)
    8. Titans United: Bloodpact 6 (of 6)

    1. Batman: Gotham Knights – Gilded City 6 (of 6)
    2. Batman: The Audio Adventures 6 (of 6)
    3. GCPD: The Blue Wall 6 (of 6)
    4. Gotham City: Year One 6 (of 6)
    5. Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: Legion of Bats! 6 (of 6)
    6. Punchline: The Gotham Game 6 (of 6)
    7. Swamp Thing: Green Hell 3 (of 3)

    Some of those exact dates may be wrong because of delays, or mistakes on my part, but that’s pretty close.

    Poison Ivy was supposed to be a 6-issue mini, but this was a very rare case where a book did so well that it got extended. But it played out its initial premise too soon since it was designed for 6, and the series has definitely lost appeal, so we’ll see how long it runs.

    If they introduced fewer than 20 new series in 2023, it would mean an industry collapse!

    I suspect Batman: The Brave and the Bold will be a series of expensive one-shots – like the still-running “Batman: One Bad Day” anthology series of $7.99 (!) Batman books. At that price point, this will get a big No from me. But it would be fine for people who subscribe to DC Universe Infinite Ultra.

    This past week at least I got to enjoy Dark Knights of Steel – not your cup of tea, but I think it’s been good as Elseworlds go (and, it’s now Earth-118!).


    1. I liked Bolt from Oz too, she had spunk to spare. Maybe she’ll be the Monica Rambeau of the DCU and change her name every five minutes. ‘Bolt’ is as rubbish a name for a Marvel comic character as was ‘Thunder’.

      I’d not heard that Wallace was the Burst, I thought he was the one and only Kid Flash, aka Ace. Flash Bang Wallace, what a picture… I know that Judy Garrick will be the Boom.

      Avery is OK but we really do not need any more speedsters. Avery is an exception, having debuted with Justice League China, but DC really should come up with reasons for characters to exist beyond ‘Kid Flash but non-binary’, ‘Batman but Black’, ‘Aquaman but gay’. By all means bring in the characters, but give them their own identities.

      I agree that Josh Williamson’s scripts were more enjoyable before he became a DC archtitect or whatever.

      I don’t think I’ve seen Mia since about 2005, nice to have her back.

      Excellent point about the ‘20 series’ announcements.

      Thanks for all the work you put into your response, that’s some research!


      1. Oh, I’d already done the research. It’s certainly not a wise use of time, but when I go through DC Connect each month (which is the printed version of the solicits which my shop hands out every month, and the PDF is online too), I take note of what series are ending and which are starting.

        I couldn’t remember where I got the Burst name from, but found info about it. According to the DC Wiki, Wallace’s aliases besides Kid Flash are Burst and Streak. First appearance as Burst, they say, is in Flash #784. That was part of the Dark Crisis crossover. So, I checked it out, and see that the confused Wally (who for some reason had gotten sucked in to the Earth-Barry delusion) said to Wallace “You know I’m retired. Besides, who needs The Flash when Burst has the Western hemisphere on lockdown?” Wallace responded “Burst? What are you –” and then his costume changed to silver as he too succumbed to the delusion.

        So, does this count as a Flash? It’s not on a real Earth, so maybe not.

        I agree, a lot of the newer legacy characters are based on gender-, sexuality-, and or race-swapping, and I guess ethnicity too? Bolt may be of mixed race, black but with blonde hair, and I seem to recall that she’s an Aboriginal Australian person. Kid Quick is both non-binary and black – I think. Red Canary is another brand-new legacy, since it turns out she isn’t Lian Harper, but like Lian she’s also at least part Asian. And I suspect she’s going to be granted powers during Lazarus Planet (beyond her already impressive ability to wear leggings that tear just the right amount and no more ). She’s prominently on the cover of Lazarus Planet: Next Evolution, the description of which is “Amazing new powers have been gifted to the freedom fighters of the future.” Her mentor and namesake being Black Canary, I’m guessing she’ll develop some Canary-like powers.

        The work to diversify goes back a while, though, to a time when I don’t think people were thinking about it much – just off the top of my head, Wallace as a young black man, Damian part Arab, Avery and Kong Kenan from China, Jaime Reyes…

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      2. I remember speculation that Red Canary was Lian, which confuses me as I though she already had a Kid Catwoman gig in Catwoman.

        The diversification is great, so long as there’s actual personality involved. I’ve not read the recent Earth Genderflip Young Justice book, but I’d like to think it gives Kid Quick more solidity than ‘non-binary, perky’, which is all we got from their first appearances.


  4. I’ve always been fond of the quirky, “outside the box” characters, that often have a brief starring role, before disappearing into guest star roles, or being members of obscure teams. 😀 Any effort to make them shine would be appreciated.
    As mentioned in another post, I think better use of the multiverse to broaden the range of characters being published would also widen the target audience. Producing comics in a larger format (digital & print), with articles, and an anthology of stories would make it easier to give new & obscure characters a spotlight ( what’s old is new again).
    ********** I don’t know if you are aware of the growing comic book community found on federated community instances of Mastodon – writer, artists, comic fans & collectors, publishers. (I’ve been on Mastodon since April. Deactivated my Twitter account in November.)
    Here are some links to check out:

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  5. What do I want to see from DC… I’m gonna go with what I want to see thematically…

    I want to read stories that are about light and hope, family and generations. Show me heroes being the best and brightest and inspirational.

    I want to see experimentation and innovative storytelling.

    I want to see the depth and breadth of DC’s vast catalogue explored. I want to see the multiverse explored – not in any kind of crisis-y way, though. We’ve had more than enough of that. Show us the worlds and characters that the multiverse has to offer.

    I want subplots and supporting characters and I want stories told in a variety of lengths with not everything being five or 6 months of one story.

    Would I like the Legion or Doom Patrol or Teen Titans or even the Justice League to have ongoing comics? Fer sure! But ideally, give me those first four point and I’ll be quite satisfied, I think, regardless of which characters you are using to tell those stories.

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  6. Hey Martin, you’re a Primal Force fan? I bought the series in back issues maybe 15, 20 years ago and really enjoyed it! Even the last issue, which at the time was like nothing else I’d read (won’t spoil it for folks who are interested) but these days I feel like that method of wrapping up a cancelled series is more common. Was Primal Force there first?!?!? It would be fun to see that come back but man, THAT would be an obscure choice!!!
    More and more I find I’m turning into a “the old days were better” reader. Being 48 and collecting comics for about 40 of those years will do that to someone, I guess. So a question like “what can DC do in 2023” is tough for me because I think it will take a lot to keep me interested…
    1. I AM quite happy Mark Waid is at DC and hope he continues to be given plenty to do and doesn’t burn out or get into some sort of a dispute with an editor and leave.
    2. It would be cool to have some sort of an ongoing that expores the multi-verse. Maybe starring a Challengers of the Unknown or Forgotten Heroes-type group of B, C and D-listers.
    3. I’d like to see Keith Giffen back. I have always enjoyed his writing/art. He is more reliable than not. I’ve been on a real Giffen kick these past few months, buying up series/issues I missed or once owned but got rid of. And it occurred to me that after being a regular member of DCs bullpen for a good 15 years or so, he hasn’t done anything for them since Inferior Five, which was 3 or so years ago. Is he well (I hope)? Quietly retired? Did his time at DC end with pal Dan Didio’s? Anyway, would like some new DC by Giffen.
    4. James Robinson. He’s been gone from comics for too long. Like most creators, he was a “fan favorite” and then seemed to become a punching bag for some disgruntled readers. I know he had been working on the recently cancelled Stargirl series with buddy Geoff Johns, and it would be nice if Johns’ work on the new JSA/Stargirl books would lead to something for Robinson.
    5. I am curious where Johns JSA/Stargirl work leads in general. I’m watching both from a distance for now to see how they develop and if they’re worth my time/money. So I’d like 2023 to be the year that I do get hooked on these titles, but we’ll see.

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    1. Oooooo I’d be down for a James Robinson return to DC (although he seems to be enjoying success with TV writing). And Keith Giffen! They’ve both been missed.


    2. I remember being most peeved that the action bit of the story was thrown away, and we got an update as to what people were doing. You’re right, we do often see stories ‘end’ nowadays with the big fight left offscreen, but I wasn’t ready for it. Rereading the issue this week I didn’t hate it at all – of COURSE they beat Satanus.

      A big fat Amen to all your points; I wish you hadn’t pointed out that it’s three years since Keith Giffen’s last DC work, I must hunt him down!


  7. DC seem to like to provide ammunition to the most annoying entitled loons by pushing characters that are often *just* a collection of signifiers without personality or any other reason to find them interesting. So *this* new character is non-binary, *that* older character becomes gay out of nowhere (and God forbid one mention that this makes no sense or is even explicitly contradictory of, welllll, the character’s entire history up until yesterday), and *the other* character identifies as a crustacean (crabs rights now!) yet they are often united by poor writing, in which these elements aren’t just *part* of who they are but the whole of them. “Diversity” in itself (and if one pays attention to how they are written many of these characters aren’t diverse at all, like modern straight, white, black, male, female, whatever characters they tend to be written in a very similar *boring* fashion) isn’t enough. The problem comes when one *can’t* criticize the characters because of what they symbolize rather than for how they are scripted. Instead of trying to *write better* they tend to say that everyone who is critical of poorly written characters is the same with the same reasons. It is a narrow binary way of thinking and isn’t the case. One just has to look at some of the wacko conspiracy theorizing that accompanies some pretty fair criticisms to see how the “we know best behaviour” of DC and Marvel leads to the encouraging of “no WE know best and YOU are part of a conspiracy to destroy your own comics” poison.
    Although the concept of “legacy” has become a big part of DC over the past forty-five years or so, the obsession with it over the past decade (y’know, despite the Noo52 throwing the legacy baby out with the multiversal bathwater) has become comical. Black Batman who is *better* than Batman because, er, um, he’s black (?), Brazilian Wonder Girl/Woman who is “better” than Themysciran Wonder Woman because, I dunno, she’s Brazilian, and Gay Jon Kent “Superman” who is even better and more powerful than his father Superman because…um, he’s younger…and gay?! It’s all so weird and damaging to characters who could or *have been* good to not have them develop naturally or to claim that they are the superduper-est by having them take other characters names. Barry Allen was *inspired* by Jay Garrick as a comic book character/elder counterpart; Wally West became the Flash when Barry died and developed over *years*. Defining characters by their skin colour, sexual orientation, sex (or gender), youth *alone* doesn’t work. *Write better* and come up with new ideas ya maroons don’t be so narrow-minded while crowing over your supposed enlightenment. *cough* More blithering on this to come…soon. You have been warned. Sorry, Martin! I hope the new year hasn’t been too depressing so far.

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    1. Thanks for the excellent, thoughtful comments ie I don’t half agree! Characters should be just that, characters, not a characteristic with legs. The sooner the current group think on diversity passes, and we get actual diversity, the better.


  8. Part II
    I would like to see Kyle Rayner given a chance and some of those new(ish) characters made into *real* characters not patronising “ain’t dey great!” symbols. Also, I wouldn’t mind a return for Firestorm but PLEASE junk that ridiculous “Professor Stein can’t be trusted!” foolishness, it makes no sense given the history of the character while Geoff Johns’s “Superman theory” from Doomsday Clock makes no sense *either* in-universe. I’ll offer a bit of a digressive rant/annoyed analysis here: Attempting to come up with an in-universe explanation why so many superhumans are in the United States is bonkers, the explanation in the real world is that DC Comics/National Periodicals was/is an American company and quite aside from any American xenophobia it made sense to have the characters BE American for the most part. Making it an in-store conspiracy on New Earth/Prime Earth/Earth Zero or whatever they’re calling it this week is moronic. It’s the kind of thing an intellectualky-challenged Alan Moore tribute act might cook up. Silly dross.
    Now that’s done with (annnnd *breathe*), I would be interested to see a distaff take on Firestorm. Perhaps a male/female divide, like they tried briefly in the 2000s – before Johns turned said-female into, ah, a pillar of salt – but NOTHING in which Stein is a villain. Legends of Tomorrow had a likeable Martin, why can’t the comic books from which he comes?
    A comic book that emulated the comedic/dramatic joy of Justice League International is something I’d like to see. More Buster and Butthead… I mean Booster and Beetle! Kevin Maguire on a book again. Mikel Janin on a Justice League or Green Lantern/Green Arrow/Black Canary book. Batman portrayed as something other than an assh0l£. Alfred back. Maxwell Lord and Amanda Waller back as their earlier selves, as well as the bad (out-of-character) Maxses revealed as from another darker crappier worse-written universe. Heck, do that with the Wall as well. Anything’s better than the toxic monsters they’ve metamorphosized into.
    More JOY!
    Better characterization and writers who understand they don’t need to make their entire runs one looking pretentious unwieldy story.
    The JSA back after the maxi-series with some FUN included. More differentiation between titles and approaches, less ugly art, and more invention. Less oppressive darkness. More love of language! Modern equivalents to the invention of mid-to-late Eighties/early Nineties DC. JLI, Moore Swamp Thing, Animal Man/Doom Patrol, Messner-Loebs/Waid Flash, Giffen Legion, Gaiman Sandman, Ostrander Spectre, that kind of stuff.
    Less fricking Batman.
    Donna Troy!
    John Stewart as a great Green Lantern not Mr Super-duper Uber-Lantern.
    A. Sense. Of. Humour.
    Respect for the audience and a disdain for telling the same stories over and over again with the same “And NOW – A NEW DAWN!” schmuckbait ending (with added “…but little do they know…!” coda).
    Is this too much to ask?! It isn’t, but I doubt they have the courage, will, inspiration, or freedom (from their corporate overlords) to do anything like it. Yes, I’m aware I’m positioning myself as correct…but maybe, just maybe I *am*!

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    1. George, for an idea of a possible male/female Firestorm-like dynamic, try DUO from Milestone: An engaged couple wind up sharing a superhero body. It’s by Greg Pak and Koi Pham, and I really enjoyed it!

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    2. Well ya are correct, Blanche, ya are! The Eighties was DC’s best decade and it would be great if DC looked back for some inspiration, not just in terms of reviving characters but by trying to capture the spirit of adventure and, yes, joy and humour. How the heck DC literally lost the plot with Firestorm is beyond me – Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom provided the super-solid basic for a long-running series, John Ostrander gave us interesting tweaks, Dan Jolley and Stuart Moore took the baton and ran with it, and Gerry Conway brought back the original greatness in the Legends of Tomorrow giant… let’s forget the New 52 nonsense. There’s such a great core concept, why would Geoff Johns not see that?


  9. Wishes:
    less Batman-Books
    A Legion Book (ongoing), but NOT the Bendis one (only if it is retconned into a Legacy series)
    JSA (ongoing)
    A successor to the Justice League (like JLA was to JSA)
    Diverse characters who are not Legacy

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  10. Hey Martin, have you been reading Rich Johnson’s “what 5G would have been” columns over at Bleeding Cool? I’ve gotta say, though I’m not in love with some of the directions the DCU woudl have taken under Didio, some of the titles/story concepts do sound more interesting that what we’ve gotten over the last couple of years. And it seems there were some intriguing plans for following up directly on Superman revealing his is Clark Kent.

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  11. Some of the ideas sound a bit too “grim” and “Marvel Civil War-ish” but at the same time they may have resulted in more interesting stories than yet ANOTHER “crisis on infinite earths” which is what readers got. I can’t necessarily say the direction Didio was gonna take with 5G would have been worse. And at least it sounds like editorial had a clear plan versus the mess we’ve gotten up to now, with Geoff Johns doing his own thing in this corner and Josh Williamson and others doing theirs in that corner…

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  12. I just want non-Batman titles and no Future Slate. I want no Crisis ever again. I’d say I want group crossovers rather than linewide but there are just two groups now, Bat and Super. I want Hickman to take on the Levitz Legion but I also want him to get the editorial support for his vision so that won’t happen. I want the DC house style to expand (andn ot the direction the Tim Drake and Batgirls books went)

    Mostly, I want DC to have a creators summit like Marvel does where everyone hears plans and kibbutzes and can plan their year’s worth of story so it at least feels like one universe even if a book doesn’t do tie in to Events. DC feels even more fractured than the silver-Bronze Eras where editors like Scwartz and Weisinger wouldn’t share their toys with each other. I used to read the last issue of DC Events so I’d know what their yearly revamp of continuity was. Now I don’t bother because there’s never any lasting effect.

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    1. I love the idea of a proper annual creative summit but Hickman on the Legion – well, on anything he’s not created – is my idea of a nightmare, he’s chased me off too many comics.


      1. I feels ya. X-Men is his first thing I really liked. Avengers and the Event it spawned were okay but it felt like a thought experiement. F4 I dropped when he concluded an issue’s story in a text page. I like the text pages mid-book and they mostly feel additive. Finishing your story in a texx page feels like a TV show giving you a black screen and just using audio*. Why use this medium if your gonna eschew art?I think I’d like him on the Levitz Legion or even 5YL.

        *I don’t mean a scene in a dark room but just dialog.


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