Secret Invasion #1 review

Good news. I’m as bright as Nick Fury. That’s Nick Fury Jr, but still. I can’t tell you why or it’d spoil a plot point that comes way halfway through this first issue, but I know how impressive I am

This comic is impressive too. I wasn’t expecting much – yet another new Marvel release coasting on a previous generation’s hit. It doesn’t even give us a spin on the name, it’s just Secret Invasion again.

If you missed that early 2000s hit, it was a Brian Bendis-masterminded Marvel event in which those blooming Skrulls tried to take over Earth by replacing superheroes. They failed then and they’ll fail now, if former SHIELD chiefs Fury and Maria Hill have their way.

Ryan North’s story, ‘Full of Surprises’, opens with Fury called to rural Iowa by newly widowed Danni Stuart.

Later, we see Fury – now an independent agent – dropping in on Hill in her new CIA role to update her on events.

I’m not the biggest fan of ‘then and now’ storytelling, but Fury’s Iowa recce likely comes only a day or so before Hill receives her visitor. And North’s back and forth works superbly to tease out the story, giving the reader a chance to work out what’s going on (which I did, did I mention that?). The plot beats work, and North’s dialogue reads well… I’m definitely keen to see what comes next.

Francesco Mobili interprets the script with an intelligent eye, giving us all the information we need in a suitably dynamic manner. The opening spread is a shocker, yet somehow understated, while the encounter between Fury and the Stuart family is just good comic storytelling. And the details of desks, decor and the like is excellent. Jordie Bellaire’s naturalistic palette helps the Fifties sci-fi vibe, while Joe Caramagna’s lettering is as fine as ever. A nod, too, to designer Jay Bowen for an excellent title page, and editor Annalise Bissa for pulling things together.

The cover by Matteo Lolli, coloured by Federico Blee, isn’t bad, but the figures aren’t quite as strong as those inside the book, and Iron Man is one element too many – I’d rather see a full-face Skrull. I love the intense red background.

Overall, Secret Invasion #1 is a treat I never saw coming – maybe it’s really a shapeshifting alien…

6 thoughts on “Secret Invasion #1 review

  1. I liked the Event version tons so only Ryan North’s name on it got me to buy it. After all, I had loved Civil War tons and Civil War II pounds. The lack of tie ins makes this a different animal. I won’t decide yet if it’s better or not but it’s a very, very good first issue. I didn’t spot that clue though. You are officially a better mystery reader than me!

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      1. I hope he keeps the alien kids Alicia and Ben adopted. They take Franklin and Val’s old roles so they could be kept as teens. Poor Franklin has already gonne through puberty backwards three times at least!


  2. Um, what is THIS exactly? A limited series with precisely the same name as the Bendis limited series event (from the *late* 2000s I think, rather than early, wasn’t it Martin?)? Is it in-continuity? I know you liked this but I’m failing to see the point in Marvel doing this. I wonder if it’s just to be unpleasant to Bendis. They aren’t even bothering to call it Secret Invasion II, bizarre when you consider the original had such an effect on the Marvel universe. Presumably this is tying in to the Marvel TV “event” and will be published as a trade paperback to take sales away from the Bendis version, almost as if DC had published a Watchmen follow-up and simply called it, uh, Watchmen. Dubious!

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