Podcast Plugtime – Let’s talk Legion

As in the Legion of Super-Heroes, the 30th Century’s Greatest Super Teens!

Yeah, I realise that these days they’re the 31st Century’s Greatest Super Teens, but that’s not who we’re discussing on Stop! Let’s Team Up: A Comics Podcast with host Ross. Nope. It’s the Silver and Bronze Age Legion, the original team. We do touch on other eras, but mainly it’s the Legion which debuted in 1958 and reached amazing heights before falling victim to Zero Hour in 1994.

If you’re interested in my all-time favourite team, or don’t know much about them and would like to know something, tune in by clicking on the highlighted text here. And if you want to give Ross your thoughts, tweet him at @jsa4E or leave a comment below.

Long Live the Legion!

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