Podcast Plugtime – Golden Age goodness

I’m not the best talker around, but if someone is kind enough to ask me onto their show to talk comics, I’m there. So I’m back on A World on Fire: An All-Star Squadron this week, to talk about not one, but two Roy Thomas Earth 2 books.

All-Star Squadron #44 sees Hourman, Phantom Lady, Firebrand and Tarantula’s party crashed by new Nazi nogoodniks Night & Fog, while Secret Origins #1, as you can see, rounds up some very early Superman history… just after the Crisis on Infinite Earths wiped it all out.

Have a listen and share your thoughts with Billy D at aworldonfirepodcast@gmail.com or the Twitter feed, @allsquadron, or even here if the mood takes you!

You can find A World on Fire at all good podcatchers, including Apple Podcasts. Or listen by clicking on the highlighted text.

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