Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #15 review

Diana drops in on old pal Zatanna in Las Vegas, where the Princess of Prestidigitation is performing. Seeing Wonder Woman in the theatre, Zee grabs her for an impromptu guest spot.

After the show, Diana explains that she’s in Vegas on the trail of old enemy Devastation and could do with a hand. Zee’s reaction is a little…off.

With that snap of the fingers, Diana find herself in the hotel spa, being massaged and having flowers placed in her hair. She’s soothed for a sec, before regaining her focus and urging Zee outside, where Devastation is wreaking havoc with her emotion-altering powers.

The latest issue of DC’s Digital First Wonder Woman comic gives me something I’ve been wanting to see – a team-up. And in Zatanna we have one of my favourite comic characters.

It’s a shame, then, that Zee is presented as such a dunce, completely misreading Diana’s very straightforward explanation as to why she’s in Sin City. I was convinced Zee was under some spell – perhaps that’s deliberate, Zatanna-appropriate, misdirection on the part of writer Danny Lore, but really, Zee is a pro. Heck, I know it was a bit of improvisation, but I’m surprised she used real spells on stage when Diana showed up – it’s always been Zee’s thing that when she’s performing for paying punters, her magic is the craft, not the gift.

Still, there’s lots to like in this great value done-in-one – superheroes with an obvious friendship, no pre-team-up fighting. Devastation rescued from obscurity. That insight into Zee’s stage banter. A confrontation with the villain in which the JLA-ers combine power sets to best advantage. And an extra pay-off to a wonderful insight into Diana’s world view on the opening page.

And the art by illustrator Maria Laura Sanapo is just edible. Our heroines look terrific, strong and sexy, without being over-sexualised. It’s especially great to see Zatanna in her classic top hat and tails outfit, with her shirt done up to the collar. The body language is spot on, especially as Zee gets herself together in her dressing room. There’s no stinting on background detail, with plenty of characterful extras, and the fight scene is nicely choreographed.

Colourist Wendy Broome makes the issue even more inviting, with unashamed bright tones – check out Zee’s rabbit co-star and the gals’ post-battle bathrobes! As with most of the other creators here (Wendy Broome coloured some DC Digital Sensation Comics I covered), Becca Carey is a new name to me, but her lettering is top notch. So kudos to clever editor Michael McCalister for masterminding another digital delight.

If you have access to digital comic buying and you’re not trying DC’s original material, I respectfully suggest you’re missing out. Not everyone is perfect, but for entertainment value there’s rarely an outright dud. And Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #15 definitely deserves an encore.

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