Action Comics #1052 review

The unveiling of the new Steelworks building in Metropolis has been hit by an explosion, and Metallo has risen from the wreckage. Luckily the entire Super Family is on the scene. While our two Steels – Natasha and John Henry Irons – get in some good blows, it’s Superman who ends the immediate Metallo threat […]

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Harley Quinn Romances #1 review

Now there’s a clever title for the annual giant love anthology from DC. OK, it took me a second to get it, as in the UK we don’t have Harlequin Romances, but it’s undeniably smart. As are the stories in this 86pp spectacular. OK, they aren’t all to my taste, but none are less than […]

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The New Champion of Shazam #4 review

In which Mary Bromfield tracks down her missing parents and confront the mastermind who’s been sending super-powered strangers to attack her. I’ve been enjoying this four-part mini-series as an overdue focus on the current DC Universe version of Mary Marvel. We’ve seen her go to college, become the sole beneficiary of the wizard Shazam’s powers […]

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The New Champion of Shazam #2 review

Last time, Mary Bromfield left Philadelphia for a new beginning as a student at posh university Vassar. Things got complicated when she received the powers of the wizard Shazam, a teleporting talking bunny appeared and she met new supervillain Disaster Master. Then, to cap off a weird day, the terrible news came that foster parents […]

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Wonder Woman #777 review

Diana’s quest to stop Janus the godslayer sees her and pals Siegfried and Ratatosk arrive back on Earth, at the Hall of Justice. Wonder Woman is relieved, confident her Justice League friends will assist them. Surprise! Miss Martian? Nope, it’s Marsha Martian of the Justice Guild of Earth 11. Well, that’s what Diana calls it. […]

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Wonder Woman #776 review

Now here’s a cover that’s hard to resist. After years of Wonder Woman, warrior princess, here’s Diana, Disney princess. Mind, she’s very much a modern Daughter of Walt, standing up to bullies when she finds herself in Fairyland. It’s the latest stop in a tour of mystical realms that has so far seen Diana have […]

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Wonder Woman #772 review

On a quest for a magic key, Diana has allowed herself to be swallowed by Nidhogg, the snake that surrounds the World Tree of Norse mythology. She’s confident she can find the key and get out again, but hasn’t factored in the fact that when it comes to stomach acid, the bile of a mystical […]

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