Superman: Man of Tomorrow #16 review

Clark Kent doesn’t need a lot of sleep but when it’s been a week without sweet dreams, he’s feeling the strain. Taking a morning off to clear his head, Clark doesn’t need his super-senses to pick up on a frighteningly familiar burst of air and crack in reality.


Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips, has come to Earth once more. But what does he want?

Superman knows he must fight the despot of Apokolips, but he wants a battlefield far from Metropolis, to protect people and property. Darkseid sees this as weakness…

Superman: Man of Tomorrow appeared weekly for its first 15 issues, moving from repurposed Walmart Giant material to true digital first stories. At 79p/99c for 16 pages of quality story and art, it’s always a steal. It’s nearly two months since we’ve had an issue, but it looks like DC has commissioned enough material to put it back on the schedule.

And what a fabulous story to return with. ‘True Power’ has all the action and heart of the best Superman tales. Jack Kirby’s most famous villain, Darkseid, is strong enough to give Superman pause, able to kill dozens of people with a glance. Writer Kenny Porter captures Superman’s voice in an insightful narration, and doesn’t forget to add a dash of humour. His done-in-one is well paced and always entertaining. Porter’s an unfamiliar name to me – he’s done a few shorts in 80pp giants – and I hope to see lots more of him at DC.

Scott Kolins is a name I know well, and I’m always pleased to see his byline. Great compositions, dramatic acting, dynamic fights… he can do it all. And he does it again here, presenting a perfect, classic Darkseid, with spot-on Kirby crackle aided by colourist Luis Guerrero, who also gives great Omega Beams. And Clayton Cowles adds to the drama with very effective lettering. Editor Andrew Marino has assembled a fine team, one I’d like to see produce more tales of Superman: Man of Tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Superman: Man of Tomorrow #16 review

  1. You didn’t think the story very, very lightweight and Darkseid basically jobbed? I’m thinking Starlin needs to be hired as a consultant so he can figure out which Darkseid appearances are imperfect clones or imposters! Ambush Bug treated Darkseid with more gravitas!

    Kolins did his usual good work. He’s not my favorite by far but he’s always going to bring the goods.

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    1. I’m OK with how Darkseid was presented, it’s a non-strict continuity book meant to be enjoyed in a single bite; I don’t really have a lot of patience for Starlin and his quests. DC canon Darkseid should indeed by a bigger challenge, but this was a nice change. And Darkseid could have been having an off day!


  2. This sure appeared out of the blue with no fanfare. You have to work to find these, or thank Martin for doing the work.

    The next issue is scheduled for Monday 10/12.

    Looking ahead (browsing by week by publisher) I see Batman: Gotham Nights (which I always want to call Gotham Knights) is also going to see a revival, will reappearing on Monday 10/5.

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  3. I subscribe to the Superman and Batman books (heck, the WW, F and A ones too!) so get a nice heads-up from ComiXology. I do hope more of the original slate of series return.


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