DCeased: Hope at World’s End Chapter 9 review

Zombies aren’t my thing. They have rubbish conversation. There’s great conversation in this latest mini-series set in the alternate DC Universe in which Darkseid’s Anti-Life equation has turned most of the people on the planet into unliving flesh-eaters.

Are they truly unliving, though? That’s a big question in the ninth chapter of writer Tom Taylor’s latest foray into the DCeased world he’s created. Having learnt that zombies are converging on small groups of uninfected people, Superman wants to mount an immediate rescue operation. Talia al-Ghul disagrees.

Earlier, Jimmy Olsen caught Superman kissing Lois Lane

What a brilliant scene – surprising yet logical, emotionally exciting… yep, Tom Taylor writes great conversations. He does heart-stopping action, too, but this entertaining chapter shows what passes for downtime in a world that’s become very, very dark.

The instalment is nicely drawn by Marco Failla, the illustrations expressive and light, a much-needed contrast to the crowds of zombies dripping blood and saliva we often see (such as in last time’s fantastic focus on the Super Pets).

The new element this issue is the discovery that a reformed super-villain could unlock the miracle the world needs. Who? Find out in this pocket money-priced gem.

It’s incredible to me that week in, week out, a ‘zombie book’ is at the top of my reading pile, but the talent of Tom Taylor and his artistic partners ensures that while there’s evisceration aplenty, Hope at World’s End never loses its heart.

7 thoughts on “DCeased: Hope at World’s End Chapter 9 review

  1. I’m not one for zombies either – I think the only episode I watched of The Walking Dead (the TV series) was the very first one. Perhaps I should have given that more of a chance.

    But I have been enjoying all of the various DCeased stories. This one seems “slighter” than the other titles in the series, and I enjoyed some of the installments in this series more than this one. Still, it’s Tom Taylor that makes it work.


  2. I agree with you so much. I really want Tome Taylor to write a Justice Society of America book. Or maybe a Shazam Family book. His depictions of Mary Marvel, short as they’ve been, are nearly perfect. Even his depictions of James Gordon and Red Hood have been perfect.

    Too bad he can’t write all the books. 🙂


  3. This was another great installment. I’m so glad I jumped aboard this and Injustice: Year Zero. The number of Taylor-written things I’ve been buying since Suicide Squad blew my socks off is really substantial. (Still need to pick up Seven Secrets, though — my LCS was sold out of issue 1, so I’ll probably just buy it digitally…)

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